Fate/Stay Night Converter v1.2.0

Converts an installed copy of Fate/Stay Night to a version playable with VNDS. If you encounter any bugs, please report them in the VNDS Forum.

You can now choose a target platform for the conversion. Selecting a target screen size other than 256×192 produces higher resolution graphics (requires the Android VNDS interpreter v1.3.0)

* 2011/04/03 — v1.2.0
 – Support for high-res mode for the Android VNDS Interpreter.

5 thoughts on “Fate/Stay Night Converter v1.2.0

  1. i tried to convert fate stay night but after 3+hours its kinda stuck at convering sprites.
    the last lines start like this:
    exception in thread “thread-5” java.lang.Null.Pointer.exception

    at nl.weeaboo.io.FileUtil.collectFiles(FileUtil.Java:156) ….

  2. hello. i seem to run into a problem when i try to run the install instructions for enabling all of the paths.

    it comes up telling me that it is missing route01-fate.xml, route02-ubw.xml, and route03-hf.xml

    so i’m confused on what i’m supposed to do now. any help greatly appreactiated

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