Higurashi VNDS Converter v1.0.1

Converts an installed copy of “Higurashi When They Cry” (the MangaGamer version) to a version playable with VNDS. If you encounter any bugs, please report them in the VNDS Forum.


1a. Buy the game and extract the zip file somewhere.
1b. The converter should also work with the free demo version.
2.  Run the game once (and activate your copy if you haven't already).
3.  Double-click on HigurashiConverter.exe
    If the program won't start you may have to install/update Java.
4.  Change the "game folder" to where you installed the game.
5.  Change "output folder" to where you want your VNDS version to be created
6.  Hit start and get some coffee, conversion will take 10~30 minutes.


The converter is mainly tested on the EP1-4 bundle, but the demo (EP1) should also work fine. Higurashi Kai support is present, but mostly untested. When converting a single episode you’ll still get an episode selection on the titlescreen. Trying to play a missing episode will just return you to the titlescreen. The converter should pick up any local modifications you may have (music/sprite/background patches, typo fixes, etc).

This converter is -not- compatible with the original NScripter releases of Higurashi.

* 2011/05/12 — v1.0.1
 – Unarchived music patches weren’t getting picked up

 * 2011/05/06 — v1.0.0
 – Initial release

12 thoughts on “Higurashi VNDS Converter v1.0.1

  1. I have all 4 parts of higurashi kai separatedly as single episodes. Can i combine them to one converted version?

  2. I tried converting episodes 5-8, but every time i try to convert them, the converter says “EP 1-4” and doesn’t find any background and foreground image (in the .rar file for each chapter i can see 20 backgrounds and 5 foregrounds). Why?

    • 1. Are you sure you’re using the latest release of the converter (v1.1.1)?
      2. Are you sure you’re pointing the converter to the proper folder (the one containing the .exe and .arc files).

      • It’s ok now. I tried with another version (only the *.exe is different). Do you check the exe file to see what episode is there in the source directory?

  3. Do you know why when I try to convert the Chapter 6 (Tsumihoroboshi), the converter says its 1-4 ep? But if I open it on my pc it is the chapter 6.

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