Android VNDS Interpreter v1.5.9

Just a small bugfix release. I changed the novel selection screen to show larger icons when holding the device in landscape orientation, primarily for the benefits of tablets and other large screen devices.


– Added /mnt/extsd to the default novel search path
– Novel selection screen now uses larger icons in landscape mode.
– Higher resolution “New Slot” image for the save screen.
– Tried to reduce unnecessary progress popups.
– Last word jittering between lines should be fixed.
– Fixed NPE when save folder exists but unreadable.
– Disabling auto mode removes “auto” text properly now when text speed=instant.

20 thoughts on “Android VNDS Interpreter v1.5.9

  1. could you consider a feature that allows you to make shortcut or widget that allows you to play visual novel directly without entering visual novel selection screen in the next version ????

  2. why i can’t save the game even i use the full version,,,,
    i use 4.1.1 jellybean
    anyone get the same problem?

    • Does it simply not save? crash? Is there a popup message/warning?

      Setting the save mode to “quick” in the preferences may help circumvent whatever is wrong.

        • If it crashes, there should be a popup message with a “report” button. If you press it, I get sent an error report with the cause of the crash.

          • My OS is Ice Cream Sandwich, and it has the same problem. When it crashes, OK is the only button to press.

          • I know the report button doesn’t show up if you haven’t installed the app through the market or on certain custom ROMs. I’m not sure what else could cause it to not appear. Emailing me a copy of your logcat output right after a crash (use an app to read/save it) does largely the same thing as the report button.

            It’s also possible for saving not to work if you have the “destroy activities as soon as the user leaves them” developer setting enabled.

  3. You are amazing for making this. I will try out the free version, and if it works, I will buy it.

    Thanks for making such an amazing app!

  4. Do you know if Unmineko (english patched) runs well with this?
    I will be purchasing a Galaxy Note 2 soon and would love to finish Uminekos last chapter on my phone with your program if it works!

    Thanks for reading

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  6. I can’t seem to get this to work, do you think you can create a more in depth guide on loading up a novel properly.

    • Copy folder of VNDS game to /vnds/novels/ on the SD card. There really isn’t much more to it.

      Final path to VN’s info.txt should look something like this: /vnds/novels/narcissu/info.txt

      If the SD card really doesn’t work, it’s possible your device has given it some weird non-standard name. In that case, use the “novel search folder” or use the integrated device storage instead of the SD card.

      • Is the converted game supposed to have nothing but a text file in it, because other than a few empty folders that is all I have left.

        ( I have 4 empty folders: background, foreground, script, sound. Then I have a text file, img.txt)

        It seems to me that i’m missing a lot of stuff, and that’s why the interpreter does not detect my novel.

  7. When using the converters to convert a visual novel for use on this app, what is the best resolution for the Galaxy S3? I’ve been using 1280×700 but it seems to be a little blurry, although that might be the jpg quality.

    Also, Is there anyway to use the converter to make your VNs fullscreen? With my GS3 there’s black bars on both sides in landscape.

    • Most VNs are only 800×600 so it’ll always be a little blurry if your screen is a higher resolution. There’s no way to remove the black bars (that would destroy the aspect ratio of the images).

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