Kira Kira Converter v1.1.0

The route selection code was all kinds of messed up and the ending flags weren’t being set when reaching each of the good endings. I also removed a sanity check left over from early development that would strip out any non-ASCII characters from the dialogue, enjoy your “…” character.

If there are any serious problems left, please let me know.

* 2012/10/08 — v1.1.0
– Fixed handling of route branching conditions, ending flags.
– Better handling of non-ASCII characters

14 thoughts on “Kira Kira Converter v1.1.0

  1. just finished 1 route and i gotta say this
    the voice acting sometimes really messed up…
    please fix it in the next release….

    • I have to split some lines in multiple parts due to limitations of VNDS. This can make voice acting be ahead of the text by a line or two.

      Is it just that or does it go out of sync worse than that? If it does mess up horribly, some example lines of text where it does would help greatly.

      • sorry for the late answer
        the voice acting are sometimes ahead of the text and sometimes even late. and sometimes the voice acting are swapped especially in the beginning when maejima talk with his ex.

        and also there’s a bug that you can not access script b241 and b242 bay normal play

  2. hello i just download the converter and finished it and transferred it to my phone, and when I start the vnds interpreter I don’t know how to use it

    • Make sure you’ve placed it in the correct folder. For KiraKira you’d typically have paths like:

      If it’s detected, your VN should show up in the list on the opening screen automatically.

  3. can you make a video tutorial how to use the vnds interpreter and how to put visual novels I’m a visual person I can easily understand by watching it. tnx

    • Those are temporary folders, it should create a folder named “kirakira” at the end of the conversion.

  4. I got the VN working on my Nexus 7 (2013) with VNDS Lite, but there are no voices, I just wanted to test out kira kira on my tablet just to see if it worked.

    How do I get the voices working on my tablet? There’s sound but there’s no voices at all, which is annoying since the VN on my PC has voices.

    • You made sure to set the converter to one of the Android targets? If not, the voice files will be in a kind of .aac format that doesn’t work on all Android devices.

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