Android VNDS Interpreter v1.6.0

A pretty large update this time. Probably most notable are some interface changes. The novel selection screen has the buttons at the bottom moved to the action bar on devices that have it. The text log is now also full-screen instead of filling only the same 4:3 rectangle as the VN. I’ve also made a proper startup splash screen instead of just using a progress dialog.

I’ve also integrated some user suggestions: The search hardware button can now be used to advance text, the soft menu button becomes completely invisible in landscape mode or on devices with a physical menu key and the time spent reading a VN is now visible on its preferences screen.

Additionally, I’ve tweaked some things for today’s higher-performance devices. On high-res displays, coordinate rounding to integers has been disabled and texture downscaling uses bilinear instead of nearest-neighbor.


– Changed how SD card detection works, now browses /mnt
– Text log now fills the whole screen
– Soft menu button is now invisible (but functional) in landscape by default
– Added playtime counter to prefs screen
– Added preference for min. number of lines to show in the textbox
– Hardware search button will now advance text
– Use higher quality texture filtering (bilinear) on high-res displays
– Better init screen
– Improved performance when 2+ sprites visible

28 thoughts on “Android VNDS Interpreter v1.6.0

  1. first of all: THANKS so much for this app!!!
    found and installed lite-version yesterday and bought it today :)

    i just get a a little visual problem:
    when i have to select a novel (3 installed), i see each icon twice… makes a total of 6 icons for 3 novels.
    is there anything that i could change to fix this?
    (used on nexus7, android 4.2)

  2. it’s me again (sorry for asking so much…)

    the app (or at least i) have a buggy sprite-transition:
    when the speaking character changes his/her expression, the backgrounds stays and another, slightly different sprite replaces the old sprite. during that transition i can see some text on black background flashing on the whole screen for a very short moment. (probably the textbox)
    all in all its not something major but it is still somewhat annoying :(

    i don’t know if i am the only one having this problem because i couldn’t find anyone else in forums having written about this kind of problem

    • Hello !

      I love vnds interpreter – that’s for sure- but i have the exact same bug of sprites as loveydovey since the last update… xD
      For information, im on asus transformer TF101, bug noticed on Fate stay night encoded in 1280*800 (awesome resolution :D)

      Save our souls anonl @_@ for the holy grail !

    • Updated again (1.6.2). I think it’s a bug with the specific graphics chip in the Nexus 7.

      EDIT: Both use a Tegra chip, I might be on to something here.

      • thanks for the fix !

        I have re-tested it, and the bug has changed :X
        Now, when a sprite refreshes, there is no more screen jump, but the sprite refreshes without the fading, and a red sentence appear:

        nl.weeaboo.lua2.LuaException: attempt to call nil

        instead of the normal sentence. The sentence that should have apparead then appear in the history box (when you push back).

        • thanks again for the fast fix!

          i get a similar error to Adrien’s:
          sprites refresh without screen jump now but on my device the fading is also missing.
          and a red “Script error” appears instead of the text.

          • We must be cursed : / but this learned me the importance of backups … Next time there is a full fonctional version, go => android assistant and create a backup.
            Too bad we humans only get wise after we miss … =_=

        • I’m having a hard time reproducing the bug. Does it happen only after you load a saved game, or also when you read from the start without saving/loading?

          If it’s only for saved games from an earlier version it’s an easy fix.

          • reading from the start… i don’t have any saves yet.

            tested on f/sn and cross channel, both having the same problem.

            but thanks a lot again for your efforts! :)

          • Would you be willing to email me your logcat output from directly after such an error occurs? (You can save it using aLogcat or some other app)

          • i would if i could.
            the few logcat apps i found do not seem to be working with non-rooted jelly bean…

          • nevermind, i googled how to read the logcat via usb/computer.
            i have just sent you the logcat.txt.
            the “screen error” messages appear pretty much at the bottom of the file…

            wow, i have no clue about programming, but that’s quite a long file for such a short time running the documentation =O

  3. Right, I just uploaded 1.6.3 which should fix the “script error” bug occurring on devices not supporting NPOT textures in GLES 1.x

      • Tested the 1.6.3 on tf101, and what can i say … the only way to read visual novels on android devices is back and fully functional on tegra 2 ! Thank you very much for the work !

        Now im off to my magic workshop … see ya at the next bug :D

  4. Thank you for this wonderful piece of software. It works and looks great on my Nexus 7. No complaints, only hope to see more technically demanding novels ported to VNDS in the future.

    • You are probably using the lite version. I recommend you buying the full version so you can save your progress.

  5. Thank you for such a great app. I’ve bought the full version so I can play all the Tsukihime routs I haven’t yet finished on PC.

  6. I recently bought the vnds interpreter and I’m crazy confused how to use it.this is my first time every trying to do anything with visual novels but I’m so confused. I don’t understand how to get the visual novels.

    • It needs visual novels in a special VNDS format. You can either try to find VNs preconverted/created for VNDS (Narcissu should be easy to find) or convert a visual novel created for the PC to VNDS format with a special converter program. I’ve made a bunch of different converter programs which are linked from the downloads page of this site.

      A visual novel in VNDS format is just a folder with an info.txt and some .zip files. Copy that folder to /vnds/novels on your SD card (or internal memory) and it should show up automatically in the app.

  7. Hello, I don’t know if someone even reads these, but I just wanted to ask, where does the app save the savefiles. I’d like to take a backup of them, but can’t find them anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.

    • The save files are stored as application data on the internal storage (/data/data/ You probably won’t be able to access that folder without root access though.

  8. I’m trying to buy this app but no matter which payment method I use I’m declined. This only happens with vnds so any help would be appreciated.

    • I seem to have this problem as well. When I try to purchase the app, I get the message
      “This seller is not able to accept payments at this time . please try again later . (BM-CCH-18)”

      Does VNDS still have Android support?

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