Optimizing VNDS ports for Android

While I’ve tried my hardest to keep VNDS Interpreter as compatible as possible with the original Nintendo DS homebrew VNDS, some differences were unavoidable.

The first thing to go was support for the audio formats used on the DS (raw AAC/ADPCM). ADPCM was never supported natively on Android and raw AAC support was dropped with the media player backend change in Android 2.2 (Froyo). As a result, Ogg Vorbis is now the preferred audio format on Android for both sound effects and music.

Another difference with the Android version is an optional high-res mode. To activate it, place a file named img.ini in the VN’s folder. In this file you specify the width/height of the foreground/background images like this:


And then you simply provide all images scaled to that resolution instead of the default VNDS resoltion (256×192). An important thing to note here is that the script doesn’t change based on the image resolutions — the script files are always written as if the supplied images are at the standard 256×192. Because the script doesn’t change, it’s much easier to provide image packs at multiple resolutions or high-res upgrade packs for older ports.

The most recent enhancement is support for high-res versions of the icon.png/thumbnail.png images. At 32×32/100×75, they look very muddy on today’s high ppi displays. From 1.6.0 onwards, support has been added for higher-res versions of these images: icon-high/thumbnail-high, but you must still provide the old icon and thumbnail images. The high-res versions can be either .png or .jpg and are scaled to an appropriate size by the software. My current recommendation is 128x128 for the icon and 512x384 for the thumbnail.

Here are some high-res icons to get you started, click the above image to download.

12 thoughts on “Optimizing VNDS ports for Android

  1. So I found a ported this:
    its Clannad ported to DS so I used NVDS to play it on my samsung galaxy s3 and it works but I was interested in changed all the images to 680 by 480 images but I no clue where I am going to find these. I do have the PC version of Clannad, is there a way to get the images from the PC version and down res them to 680 to 480. I am assuming taking the 256×192 images I have and trying to make the 680×480 won’t do much good.

  2. somehow I can´t play the VNs on my smartphone, I created the ini file as it is stated and the VNs are in the corect folder but none of thos is detected by the VNDS Interpreter. Can someone help me please?

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