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  1. Thank you so much! No better news than this, but i wonder can you add a fuction into the converter that can check resoure that already unpack and than convert from the last time convert so that can use those resource in new convert in case the last convert is mess up?

    The progress of unpack and convert resource(mainly Image,voice) usually go smoothly but also take a lot of time(the last time i convert Umineko Chiru 6 days ago is around 12 hour only to failed when it begin converting script!!!) so it really a waste of time to do everything from the beginning everytime like that.

    Sorry for my bad english.

  2. Goed werk.

    Sifted through the bigger part of episode 5 without seeing any major issues. Another thing I did notice during conversion was that some of the missing files were named ‘???????’, would running it in Japanese locale be better? Or can I ignore these.

    • As long as the filenames don’t look garbled in Windows explorer, there’s probably nothing to worry about.

        • Doesnt seem that the new UmiTweak Patch Ver. 2.00 isnt working with the converter. Tried converting with new patch and doesnt put in the new sprites,voices,etc but then i used the old patch like .99 UmiTweak it worked just fine

  3. Applied converter to full chiru tweak. Conversion finished in 8h:30m. There were some missing foreground .pngs at the end, invalid music and images during script conversion, and some voice files not found, but besides that it went ok. Here is the log if you’d like to take a look.
    Tested a bit on my tablet and seems it works perfectly. Thank you very much for your work.

    • google umitweak. ps3 graphics for original umineko, added vnds support for that since it’s almost a different game

      • Well, I saw this on umitweak, but I have no idea what it is. So, it’s basically the VN with ps3 graphics and sounds on android, right?

      • Hi, could you give a step-by-step instructions on how to convert it? Preferably both 1-4 & 5-8 WITH the PS3 patches :) If not, could you tell me where to put direct the converter to? The UmiTweaks folder inside the game directory or the game directory itself? :O

        • Point it to the game folder, not the patch folder. Set the output folder to somewhere on your hard drive, it’ll create a new folder there with the converted game.

          If you’re converting for Android, set the “target” to the one that most closely matches the resolution of your device.

          Otherwise, just press the start button to begin the conversion — it should automatically pick up the UmiTweak/translation patch.

          • Okay, I found out the problem. I renamed the patch folder to “umineko4″ that’s why the converter could not detect it. Renaming it back to default name seems to work but there seems to be conversion error anyway. All about the pictures and the sound. Trying to convert Chiru now…

    • I’m happy with the BGM it’s using now. If you want to change the OP, just place an audio file music/special/umineko_op.ogg in the umineko folder generated by the converter.

  4. Dear Anonl-san,

    Thanks for your hard work. I have had joyful experiences with my smartphone when commuting or waiting at stations. Could you consider making a converter for a Umineko fanfic: Witches & Woodlands? The fanfic is truly hilarious and worth reading.

    Thank you again.

  5. great convert.
    only one issue that i found
    the ending movies in umineko ep 8 dont play at all.
    if you know the story ten it´s not to big of an issue but if you read it for the first time you miss out on some details.

    any way to implement this into the VNDS?

    This was on a nexus 7 btw, not sure if it’s on all devices. i think it is.

  6. I converted umineko but when I play it in android, only a white screen appears ( the sound is working) but i can’t see any background or textbox … help please D:

  7. I dunno, umineko is actually the only VN of this page I have.
    My android is QVGA , and i’m trying to play Umineko4 (the first four chapters). The converter was saying “Umineko8″ maybe that is the problem? In that case, what version of UminekoConverter i need for umineko4?

    PS: Sorry 4 the repost

    • But don’t misunderstand it, I choose the game folder of umineko4 when I was converting the game, so wtf D:

    • As long as you select the correct folder it should work, the umineko8 path is just a default. If you need another VN to test, there’s a pre-converted copy of “Narcissu” floating around the internet. If I had to guess, it’s a problem with the app and not the converter.

      The Android version and screen resolution rarely matter, I’d need to know the exact name of the device. HTC Wildfire? Galaxy Y?

      • I don’t remember where (it was like a wiki), I downloaded a umineko pre-converted version. In order to compare if my conversion was the error but it didn’t work, and was the same problem with the white screen :/

    • I’ve been trying to find the cause, but the problem appears to be device specific. There seems to be some sort of problem uploading images to the graphics chip. Would you be willing to email me a copy of your logcat ouput taken immediately after encountering the problem? (You can use an app like aLogcat to do that)

  8. Sir
    I am new to this VNDS (although I have played Tsukihime, once). The awesome part is VN’s on android. Thank you for your effort.
    The sad part is no video and transitions support. It doesn’t matter , as long as it doesn’t interfere with my experience.
    So I wanted to try out HIGURASHI(Ps2 Sprites with BGM patches) , Umineko(Umitweak) and Infinite Duology(Never 7 , Ever 17), Remembrance, Narcissu….etc.

    So can you list the incompatibilities and your personal opinion of the severity.
    Eg- Never 7 does not play the opening video , not rainbow boxes, no transitions etc. but are these severe? I mean can I enjoy Never 7’s STORY ,COMPLETELY even without these? Does a crucial tear-jerker or any sequence depends on a video file absent from the port? I think you get the point.

    One more thing , Should I play the above mentioned on PC FIRST or I can get the full experience on Android also(I travel a lot). I am ready to buy these too (from mangagamer and likewise).

    • For some VNs the ports are closer to the original than for others. Fate/Stay Night for example has a lot of fancy graphical effects that are missing from the VNDS ports. Higurashi/Umineko are much simpler graphically, and the occasional missing screen shake really isn’t that big a deal. The missing video support only really matters for the OP/ED — Ever 17 uses a couple of videos during the story, but they’re all pretty superfluous.

      The VNDS ports are good enough to read on their own without previous knowledge of the PC version. You’re missing the OP/ED video, some special effects and any minigames, but the story is there in its entirety.

  9. I have a question, can I convert umineko with another translation? I mean, from the spanish translaion project version ?

  10. Hi.

    Thank you for this wonderful program, I’ve always enjoyed VNs and the chance to play on my tablet is awesome (I might also try and set it up on my DS later but I use my tablet more). Anyways I keep trying to run it and tried both the latest and second latest versions of the program to convert my game. Both have the same problem so I’m guessing I’m doing something wrong but I’m not sure what. I attached the out put since it’s not too long. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Game detected as Umineko-Chiru
    Extracting data from game archive, this may take a long time (> 15 min)
    Extracting C:\Users\blank\AppData\Local\Umineko\arc.nsa
    Extracting C:\Users\blank\AppData\Local\Umineko\arc1.nsa
    Game language detected: English
    Patch folder: C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Umineko\[WH] Umineko Chiru English
    Extracting C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Umineko\[WH] Umineko Chiru English\arc.nsa
    Fatal error during resource conversion
    java.io.FileNotFoundException: Z:\temp\_original\script\nscript.dat (The system cannot find the path specified)
    at java.io.FileOutputStream.open(Native Method)
    at java.io.FileOutputStream.(Unknown Source)
    at java.io.FileOutputStream.(Unknown Source)
    at nl.weeaboo.io.FileUtil.writeBytes(FileUtil.java:266)
    at nl.weeaboo.umineko.UminekoResourceConverter.extractScript(UminekoResourceConverter.java:310)
    at nl.weeaboo.umineko.UminekoResourceConverter.extract(UminekoResourceConverter.java:115)
    at nl.weeaboo.umineko.UminekoResourceConverter.main(UminekoResourceConverter.java:60)
    at nl.weeaboo.umineko.ConversionGUI.callResourceConverter(ConversionGUI.java:145)
    at nl.weeaboo.vnds.AbstractConversionGUI.convert(AbstractConversionGUI.java:459)
    at nl.weeaboo.umineko.ConversionGUI.convert(ConversionGUI.java:134)
    at nl.weeaboo.vnds.AbstractConversionGUI.convert(AbstractConversionGUI.java:374)
    at nl.weeaboo.vnds.AbstractConversionGUI.run(AbstractConversionGUI.java:355)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
    Error reading img.ini
    java.io.FileNotFoundException: Z:\temp\_generated\img.ini (The system cannot find the path specified)
    at java.io.FileInputStream.open(Native Method)
    at java.io.FileInputStream.(Unknown Source)
    at nl.weeaboo.settings.INIFile.read(INIFile.java:28)
    at nl.weeaboo.umineko.UminekoConverter.(UminekoConverter.java:101)
    at nl.weeaboo.umineko.UminekoConverter.main(UminekoConverter.java:150)
    at nl.weeaboo.umineko.ConversionGUI.callScriptConverter(ConversionGUI.java:151)
    at nl.weeaboo.vnds.AbstractConversionGUI.convert(AbstractConversionGUI.java:468)
    at nl.weeaboo.umineko.ConversionGUI.convert(ConversionGUI.java:134)
    at nl.weeaboo.vnds.AbstractConversionGUI.convert(AbstractConversionGUI.java:374)
    at nl.weeaboo.vnds.AbstractConversionGUI.run(AbstractConversionGUI.java:355)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
    Exception in thread “Thread-4″ java.lang.NullPointerException
    at nl.weeaboo.umineko.UminekoConverter.main(UminekoConverter.java:152)
    at nl.weeaboo.umineko.ConversionGUI.callScriptConverter(ConversionGUI.java:151)
    at nl.weeaboo.vnds.AbstractConversionGUI.convert(AbstractConversionGUI.java:468)
    at nl.weeaboo.umineko.ConversionGUI.convert(ConversionGUI.java:134)
    at nl.weeaboo.vnds.AbstractConversionGUI.convert(AbstractConversionGUI.java:374)
    at nl.weeaboo.vnds.AbstractConversionGUI.run(AbstractConversionGUI.java:355)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

  11. I have some problems coverting the Umitweak Chiru. Somehow there are always null pointer exceptions and invalid images, when i try to convert it. it recognizes and converts all the voices, sprites, etc. but at the end, it never works. I have the newest converter release and it worked fine with the normal chiru and tweaked Ep. 1-4

  12. Hi. I tried converting Chiru, already english patched, but it will only recognize the language as japanese. The novel reads in english when I play it on pc and it does list the english translators after the conversion, but text only shows up in japanese. Any solution?

    • That could happen if you install the translation patch in a non-standard way. The recommended installation of the translation patch is in a subfolder named “[WH] Umineko Chiru English” inside the (Japanese) Umineko install.

  13. When i tried converting chiru, it took 21 hours and ended up with a 4mb folder. with nothing within the folders…

  14. Not sure if I did something wrong but when converted chiru It become 19 gig when its converted, When Its normally 9gig

  15. Hi,

    the conversion seems to just freeze for me when converting background on 2920, any way I can send you some log or something so you can check it out?

    Thanks a lot!

  16. when I try to convert Umineko Chiru, it converts the whole thing but when it tries to pack them, it just says invalid image or missing sound… can you help me out? I tried it 4 times but ends up the same. :(

  17. It seems like I cannot save in my tablet.
    The menu only shows this:
    Text log
    Auto Read
    Return to title
    Does anyone have an idea of why?

  18. In trying to convert Umineko 4, I noticed this, using 1.5.1

    Invalid image for bg :: text007 bmp/background/efe/text007.ong

    I am guessing there was a typo somewhere.

  19. i tried converting umineko4 twice, but both times it took like 5 hours and in the end just some folders were displayed and they were all empty. ofc it then also didnt work with the vnds app.
    tasukete kudasai :[

  20. Hi, I have tried this program for Umineko chapters 1-4 and there were no errors. However, what do I do with the output files? The fodders are empty and the output files are zipped. The output format is android and the size is roughly 472 mbs.

    Does this sound correct or did I do something wrong? I just found it weird that most people here are saying that conversion takes hours when mine finished in 23 minutes.

  21. Hello,
    thank you for all the work you did, I really appreciate that.
    I think that novels are meant to be played on portable devices, because they are practically books with music and pics.

    Anyway, I have a problem with the conversion of umineko.
    The conversion is fast and seems to go well, even if sometimes the log says that it can’t find some musics, but the problem is that, when I play it, the novel presents itself without translation.
    So yeah, I get the original, non-translated, vn.
    Could you please help me out with this?

    P.S.: Don’t know if it helps, but I have installed my game in “C:\Program Files7th_Expansion\Umineko4″ and the patch folder name is “[UmiTweak v2.0] Rondo of the Witch and Reasoning”.

    • Hi. I had the same issue and fixed it by renaming “[UmiTweak v2.0] Rondo of the Witch and Reasoning” to “[WH] Umineko English”.
      But now the converter fails at the very end, so I end up with an empty folder after 7 hours of conversion.

  22. does anybody have a converted vnds chiru with prepatched PS3 sprites? can i ask for a download link? it’s a . . pain to convert it all by myself

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