Android VNDS Interpreter v1.5.8

I’ve added pages to the save/load screen, you now get 10 pages with 10 save slots each. This should fix the crashes some people were having when using 20+ save slots. It also provides a little bit of structure to the saves (for example, you could use a different page for each route).


– Added pages to the save/load screen. 100 save slots should be enough, right?
– Improved look of textlog

Android VNDS Interpreter v1.5.7

Auto read should be working properly now, even in edge cases. I didn’t write a post for v1.5.6, but I decided to finally request the permission required to keep the screen on even when there’s no user input. When you add auto read, it suddenly becomes extremely important.

I’m working on a better save/load screen that scales better to 20+ saves without having to scroll through a giant list. Probably something paginated with a fixed number of save slots per page, though I haven’t picked a final design yet.


– Fixed auto read blocking forever on lines that don’t fit entirely on the screen


– Added a wake lock to keep the screen from turning off when idling.

– Bug in internal function could cause sprites to not show up.

Android VNDS Interpreter v1.5.5

– Added an auto read function.
– Added an optional list view for the save screen.
– Target SDK increased to 16 (Android 4.1)

– Return to title causes the textSpeed preference to be ignored until reopening
  the preferences screen.
– ANSI color escape codes were being parsed, but not stripped from the string.

Umineko Converter v1.4.4

Support for the 07th Inquisition Spanish translation patch has been added. Make sure the translation patch is located in a subfolder named "[07th Inq] Umineko Esp". A message with the detected game language (Spanish, English, Russian) is printed early during the conversion (check it to make sure your patch is being picked up correctly).

* 2012/06/30 — v1.4.4
– Added support for the 07th Inquisition Spanish translation patch

VNDS Converter Update 2012-04


2012/04/29 — v1.4.3
– Switched from nsaout -> nsadec to work with UmiTweak
– Added (limited) support for UmiTweak patch

Fate/Stay Night

2012/04/29 — v1.2.3
– Fixed Heaven’s Feel unlock flag not getting set


2012/03/30 — v1.0.1
– Support for destination folders with spaces in their path


2012/03/30 — v1.0.2
– Support for destination folders with spaces in their path

Inganock Converter v1.0.1

Converts an installed copy of “Sekien no Inganock” to a version playable with VNDS. The converter should also work on the unpatched Japanese version. I don’t know what would happen if you tried to convert the recent Full voice ReBORN edition.
* 2012/03/21 — v1.0.1
– Unarchived encoded images weren’t being properly converted.

* 2012/03/10 — v1.0.0
– Initial release

Umineko Converter v1.4.2

Someone asked me if I could add support for the Russian translation patch. Previous versions of the converter didn’t work due to character encoding issues. The Russian translation patch encodes printable text in cp1251, but leaves rest of the script in SJIS. I had to implement some trickery to be able to switch character encodings mid-file, but it should now mostly work. There may still be some parts where the characters are messed up due to a misdetected character encoding.
* 2012/03/14 — v1.4.2
– Support for the Russian translation patch

Android VNDS Interpreter v1.5

I haven’t really posted about this since the first release. It’s interesting to see how much has changed in just over a year (several new Android OS releases, for one). Very little code is Android-specific, so dealing with new OS releases is usally not a problem. That is, until suddenly the pysical menu button disappears and is replaced by an icon in the (hidden) title bar and there’s no way to access the menu…

Anyway, about the 1.5 update. The most noticeable change is the new text fade-in. Enabling it required a bit of optimization in the text rendering, and a whole bunch of rewriting of the text display code (probably the most complex part of the app). The tricky bit is doing the text layout only once (for the full text), then rendering only the first N characters (or making all characters after N invisible, ha).

I you encounter a bug, the fastest way to get it fixed is by contacting me via email.

– Implemented text fade-in, see “Text Speed” preference.
– Added an on-screen indication of when superskip is on.
– Sped up font rendering by using the built-in shadow style instead of rendering
the shadow manually (by drawing the same layout twice with a different
– Decreased memory allocations for smoother animations
– Action Bar on Android 3.0+ devices can take up too much vertical space. On
small-screen devices it now auto hides (see “On-Screen Menu” preference).
– Decreased save file size (ImageTexture accidentally serialized its pixels)
– If a VNDS format global.sav exists, its contents are used as defaults. Some
VNs use gloval.sav to pre-unlock routes.

– Skipmode didn’t skip animations fully when effect speed < 1
– Wait for any animations to finish before showing a choice popup.
– When in a VN, volume keys change music volume even when no music is playing
– Music unpaused on the lock screen, not only after dismissing it.
– Clock didn’t try to move out of the way of the textbox.

To download, scan the above QR code with a barcode scanner or search for “VNDS Interpreter” in the Android market.