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  1. Sorry for being a bother, but would you mind uploading an apk of VNDS Interpreter Lite? I’d like to try sideloading it onto a friend’s Kindle Fire.

  2. Don’t know if you’ll read this. I have some troubles with VNDS Interpreter. I bought it and it worked fine on my LG Optimus GT540. But now I have Samsung Galaxy Ace and it just doesn’t want to find novels! No matter where I place novels it always tells me that no novels were found. So, what the hell? O_o

    • It’s hard to tell what’s wrong remotely, but similar problems usually turn out to be one of two things:
      1. The automatic search folders don’t include the path to the SD card for your device — this can be solved by manually setting the search folder path.
      2. The novels aren’t in /vnds/novels on the SD card, are in .novel format, or are otherwise damaged.

      • 1) But I’ve already tried thas! And no matter where I place novels it just doesnt find them.

        2) I doubt they’re damaged since I’ve played them on LG.

        Booo… and I was hoping to at least begin Cross Channel =(

          • Try setting the novel search path to:

            (That’s supposed to point to the external SD card. VNs on the internal memory should always be found.)

  3. hello, i recently purchased your product. with no idea how to use it.

    i currently have ever 17 premium edition for pc installed into my computer.
    i tried look for a tutorial on how to convert and set up the files in my andriod but have no idea how to do it.

    i hope to hear from you soon
    thank you!!

  4. i think i managed to get it to work..
    does your fate/stay converter convert the Fate/stay night including the extras they have?

  5. one more thing..i noticed on your advertisement before i purchased ur product that it says i can read practically any visual novel on pc…

    what converter should i use for the ones not listed on your website?

    • >Read any visual novel in VNDS format
      This means you can read any visual novel in VNDS format, not any visual novel whatsoever.

  6. Hiya, fantastic job youve done with the vnds interpreter, managed to get Tsukhime to work :) only thing which bothers me is that the pics show up in my gallery part of my phone, is there anyway to remove this? kinda spoils it a bit :p btw its in vdns/novels part of my internal storage if that helps

    • The easiest way is to create a blank file named “.nomedia” (note the dot) inside the tsukihime folder, this stops the gallery app from including files inside that folder. You may need to clear the gallery/thumbnail image cache to get it to remove the images previously included.

  7. Is there a special process to activate this “high res” mode on android that I’ve seen mentIoned? Every time I run one of the higher resolution android optimized ports the image is too zoomed in and cut off horribly(Instead of seeing the whole image I only see around 25% of the top left corner of each image, zoomed In very close). The ones formatted at DS res work fine, but they don’t look very good on a nice screen. I bought the app a while back but hadn’t used it until now since I got a phone with a bigger screen.

    That aside, great app.

    • Does the img.ini file have the correct values for width and height? What you’re describing sounds like what happens when you use higher-res images but forget to change the values in img.ini to the new image resolution.

      • I hadn’t even taken notice of img.ini let alone modified it. I feel foolish. I’ll give that a try, but I’m sure that is exactly what the problem was. Thank you so much.

        • That being said where would I find that? It’s not in the individual novels’ folders and I don’t know the vnds resource folder path. (I have root if needed)

          • Create a blank file named img.ini in the VN’s folder. Open it in a text editor and write:


            replacing the values with the width and height of your high-res images.

  8. I tryed to open my novel with the ds reader. When i’m in the main menu (of fsn), i go to “start game, it says “Fate/Stay night DS v 1.1, Translation by Mirror Moon, VNDS Port: anonl, [script] Unable to open script file: script/fate01-00.scr. Press A to continue.”. And in my r4 there is no fate01-00.scr anywhere. i used your fsn converter to do it, but nothig. Can you help me?

    • It seems the scripts weren’t generated properly. Usually this is due to an error earlier during the conversion. There should be some mention of an exception in the log.

      • Extracting…
        Flattening Folders…
        Converting backgrounds…
        Converting sprites…
        Converting SFX…
        Converting Voice…
        Converting music…
        Converting scripts…
        Copying files…
        Zipping files…
        Empty ZIP file: D:\Converter\FSN\_generated\_temp\
        Installing EN…
        Collecting Resources…
        Writing Resource Lists to Disk…
        Graph Analysis…
        Creating XML files…
        Hashing files (34)…
        Hashing files (0)…
        Took 0.47s
        2.19s Finished.
        Cleaning temp files…
        10.07s Entire conversion finished.

        i just noticed that the sound zip file is empty

  9. The problem is that the conversion took 3 minutes, giving me a 3MB directory. I have the pc game installed, and i selected that directory in the converter. Am i wrong?

    • Are there really no mentions of errors or exceptions in the text output during the conversion? Does the directory you’re pointing to contain all 15 .xp3 files?

  10. I’m doing it again and this time the conversion is taking 2 hours. It’s now at “copying files”. Maybe this is the right time :)

  11. I’m currently using vnds intepreter on my galaxy note 10.1 to read sekien no inganock. However, I noticed that the inner voice scenes do not all appear in the game. Is there any way to work around this? Only scenes 1-6 were available when I played it on my note.

  12. Hello, I tried using the Cross Channel Converter, but I can not extract main.scr from either version of the Converter. Fatal error appears in VNDS when trying to load: main.scr is missing. Any help is appreciated; Thanks!

    • There should be some mention of an error or exception during the conversion. main.scr is added at the end of the conversion, but only if nothing goes wrong earlier.

  13. Hey, thanks for the great app.

    Is it normal for some of the images in F/SN to be flipped or inverted sometime during the transition from PC game to VNDS game via the F/SN Converter?

    I am unsure if I have done something wrong, I have retried a few times and it is still the same, but for example the first picture you get when you start the prologue, Left and Right have switched, and the slash just after that has switched Top and Bottom.

    • Some effects may appear mirrored/flipped if they were flipped in code in the PC version — VNDS can’t handle that so it just displays the image in its default orientation.

  14. Sorry to bother you but i just buy VNDS interpreter and i have some problems , i have convert my own FSN and it works (700mb files) i add the VNDS folder in my sd card and my FSN converted in novels but VNDS interpreter can’t found it. I have a samsung galaxy S2 and i really want it to work but i really don’t know how … (sorry for my english i’m french.)

    • You have it like /sdcard/vnds/novels/fate/ ? Sometimes it doesn’t auto-detect the SD card, try putting the files in the internal storage of the phone.

  15. Okay i’m new to android tablets and I had to go around to get your app since my device doesn’t connect to the Google Play store “it’s still a great device regardless”. I have converted higurashi and followed the instructions to put it in the vnds/novels/ folder on my SD micro card. It has not detected nor will it detect any despite doing it over 3 times… I know that I’m doing something minor here but could you help a guy out?

    • If you’re using an older version (pre 1.6.0) try storing in /vnds/novels in the internal memory instead of the SD card.

      It’s possible the conversion crashed halfway — does your “/vnds/novels/higurashi” folder contain the files: icon.png, thumbnail.png and info.txt?

      • I figured as much since I am using 1.5.8, just to let you know it works now just fine and thank you for making such a great app.

  16. Hmm it’s me again I was wondering do you think it’s possible to a converter/builder for higursahi rei ‘the dice killing chapter is fully translated and I’m willing to share that patch” or higanbana? Would essentially run like the umineko games based on the arc.nsa?? I just thought I might as well ask, best of luck to what ever you are doing now.

    • Those both use the (O)NScripter engine, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a pain to convert. There’s an Android port of ONScripter itself you may be able to use.

  17. So, I was trying to convert the Kai episodes, but when running from vnds, it comes as “invalid jump: _meak_001.scr nil”

    I have only converted Meakashi chapter, but I wonder if I was supposed to convert all of them somehow?

      • Yes, I do see some errors during conversion.. But I don’t understand how to not remove them.

        Basically I have the individual episodes. I added the font patch, sprite patch and ui patch. Then I tried converting them.

        In the conversion window, messages like : “No imgdata for img:” , “tried to remove non-existant sprite; id=0/1” , “Unsupported opcode: 00f4 (244)/0134 (308)” came up.

  18. i realy need your help i realy want to play vn on my android device but i have no idea how to use ur converters for examble i have kira kira on my pc how can i port it to a format to work on vnds wich i bought to help u with this great project can u please tell me how to do it step with step thanks

    • Double-click “KiraKiraConverter.exe” and change “Game Folder” to the folder where you have Kira Kira installed. Change “Output Folder” to a folder anywhere on your hard drive and press start. Wait for an hour (perhaps longer) for the converter to finish and copy the generated “kirakira” folder from the output folder to “vnds/novels/” on the SD card of your Android device (you may have to first create those folders).

  19. I have a problem. I’m playing with FSN on my dslite using your VNDS ( i think). Every time i play, i get “guru meditation error” (i’m at about 90% of unlimeted blade works). I tried converting again and again the novel (keepeng sounds or removing sounds) but i get always that error on the same point. Why? Is it a problem of my novel?

    • Guru meditation error is a bug in VNDS on the Nintendo DS (either a programming error, or unexpectedly running out of memory). You can try to modify your save file in a text editor to skip past the problematic line(s) or use R+Y to skip past the entire scene (hopefully also skipping past whatever’s triggering the bug).

      • I had troubles editing the save (even adding just one row, the game starts again from the menu), but the R+Y worked perfectly. Thank you!

  20. It seems many of the download links are down… They give the “Broken or Encrypted Archive” message so I can’t access them. Cross Channel, Never 7 and F/SN are down specifically but Umineko and Higurashi are fine.

    • They claim the file is broken or encrypted (it isn’t) and that I’ve been notified (another lie). Looks like mediafire’s finally gone insane — working on a solution…

  21. I downloaded Ever 17 and converted and what not. I open the game and press start game but I get the message: “Invalid jump:op00.scr nil” and I do not know what to do.

  22. When I am playing ever 17 it does not load the character images, only the background images. Is that a limitation of the app or did I do something wrong when converting?

    • Something probably broke during conversion. Try cleaning out the output folder (converting on top of a previous conversion can lead to problems) and make sure you’re using the most recent version of the converter.

      • I am using the most recent convertor. I am not 100% sure I am doing this right. I am mounting the first disc (of 4) of Ever 17 using daemon tools on my computer. I am then using the Ever 17 convertor on the Ever 17 folder present on my G drive. Is this right or do I need to do something using all 4 discs?

        • You don’t need to mount any discs, a fully installed Ever17 folder contains all the data required. You should point the converter to the installation folder on your hard drive. Make sure it contains chara.dat

          • I got it to work. Thank you very much for helping me! I will go buy the full version now.

  23. I was playing with the FSN with the newest converter (FSN download from Fuwanovel.)

    2 Q’s: Is it ero material? And if so, where can I find non-ero versions of this.

    Secondly, I was going along the game, and after a certain choice, something along the lines of whether to follow tohsaka, stay with Saber, or run away, I tapped “follow,”and the translation suddenly turned into a mixture of korean, chinese or kanji, and arabic. Press “back” on the Android device itself would shut VNDS down. How do I fix this? Is this an error in the conversion?

    • 1. Yes, and I have no idea where you’d find a censoring patch.
      2. Sounds like something went horribly wrong, you can open the .scr files from inside a text editor to see if it’s a problem with the converted scripts. I’m not sure what could possibly cause that other than a corrupted SD card.

  24. Hi,

    I bought your application on Google play not too long ago. I wrote an email and on twitter about this feature: would it be possible to make an on/off switch for the the longpress autoskip thing? My device is buggy, that’s why it would be great for me. Autoread is half soulution, but it would be nice, if the autoread would wait for the voices to end, it’s a bit frustrating that it just cuts the voices in half (and if I make to wait 4 seconds, sometimes it just too long for other parts, and sometimes it is too few for the voices).

  25. Hi, I’m having issues playing Inganock on my Android tablet. The problem is when I get to the inner voices portion, there’s supposed to be a menu thing that shows up and highlights choices and stuff. I ended up having to go on YouTube to find out which choice was supposed to be the arm or the mask. Then I did all the choices according to the walkthrouth, but didn’t unlock the extra choice that was supposed to be there when the monster attacks. Can you help?

    • Just read all of them, no need for a walkthrough. The “Hold out your Hand” option should always appear in the VNDS port.

      • Im having the same issue. Im not getting the 3rd option for the scene even after reading all the inner voices.

  26. HI, and thanks so much for making vnds, vnds android, and all of those ports and converters. I was wondering if you had any future plans for vnds. Specifically, I’m interested in whether you’ll be making any more converters. And if I can request one, I’d love to see an umineko converter, or maybe an onscripter script converter so that we of the community with less programming knowledge can more easily make converters for onscripter games. Again, thanks for all the work you put into this, and thanks for sharing it with all of us.

    • There’s already one for Umineko. A general ONScripter one would be hard, since that engine has a lot of impossible to emulate effects that require manual workarounds.

  27. hello, i´ve got a problem with starting ever 17. i converted the files with the last version of the tool and tried running it on the nintendo ds but after i started vnds and choosed ever 17, the loading screen shows me writing cache until 100 % and the stoped like a freeze. i can get back to the ds menu with the home button, after the novel won´t load any further. did i do something wrong? are any special settings necessary?
    thx and greetz, Diag

    • I’m not sure what may be causing that. Check if exists and it contains a main.scr

      It’s also possible some files got corrupted (sometimes happens randomly with SD cards) or you accidentally converted with one of the Android presets instead of the Nintendo DS one.

    • thx but it works now.. needed to unpack all zip files into the folders, now it runs. awesome work :D just the intro video skipped, but i think this is normal on the ds or?

  28. I have a question:
    If I use ‘setimg’ in VNDS, how long is the character displayed? Is it automatically dispatched after a certain command? (For eg bgload or do I need it to dispatch/remove from screen it manually)

    Thanks in advance

    • It’s displayed immediately (just draws an image on top of whatever’s currently being displayed). Use bgload to clear the screen with a new background, no remove commands necessary.

      • I think my question above was a bit missleading-sorry:
        When is the character image removed? There is no “setimage ~” command in VNDS. So is it automatically set to none after a background change, or can it also been removed within the same “scene” ( without changing the backgroundimage)?

        • >So is it automatically set to none after a background change
          Yes. There’s no way to remove a single sprite — the best you can do is a bgload immediately followed by setimg commands for all the sprites you want to remain.

  29. I have some problems getting FSN to run smoothly on my Asus Transformer TF101, running Android 4.0.3. Every now and again, sometimes after 15 minutes of errorfree gameplay, sometimes soon after booting up the game, the current line of text will be replaced by a black box, followed soon after by being kicked out to the game select screen. I can then restart the game and the same line of text that just caused an error will display without a hiccup. So I don’t think it has anything to do with the actual text. The frequency of the crashes varies greatly, from every few lines of text to fairly infrequently. But never more than once at the same point.

    I did get a few “unreadable bitmap” errors when converting the backgrounds (a transcript of which I posted on the forums), but I can’t imagine it having anything to do with that, since all backgrounds displayed just fine so far.

    • If it crashes like that, it’s a bug in the app itself and not caused by any specific VN. I’ll look into it.

      • Thanks, much appreciated. If there’s anything I can do to help you get to the bottom of this, let me know.

  30. I have a question: Is there a way to use vnds interpreter together with a text viewer. This is mainly so I can play a VN and have a guide open for easy reference.

    • You can switch back and forth between two apps. As long as you’re not low on memory, VNDS interpreter should stay open even after you leave the app.

  31. when i click on ever17, it gave me 2 options. start game. debug mode. when i clicked on start game, it says invalid jump: op00.scr nil
    what does that mean? and when i clicked on debug mode, it gave me a few character’s options. like takeshi’s perspective, kid’s perspective, coco. either way, clicking on any other options, i keep getting invalid jump… what’s going on?

    • Something went wrong during the conversion and none of the VN’s script files were actually converted.

          • Extracting resources, this may take a long time…
            Done extracting files.
            Converting backgrounds…
            Converting sprites…
            Converting SFX…
            Converting Voice…
            Converting Music…
            Packing ever17…
            Cleaning temp files…
            1.18s Entire conversion finished.

            that was what the log shows….

          • Looks like you’re pointing the converter to the wrong folder — no Ever 17 files to be converted.

          • the output folder states Z:\Temp. i dont have a Z drive so i changed it to a folder on my D drive. apparently when it converts the files to my D drive, it showed me that log message.. which according to you means converted to wrong folder or sth?

  32. I tried to convert Umineko chiru with tweak(release yesterday) but it failed.(with Umineko Converter 1.4.6)

    Hope you release new convert soon for the best VNDS game(in my opinion:)))

    Very sorry for my bad english.

  33. First off, I love the work you guys are doing! Probably the best thing anyone has ever made for the Android platform.

    Any chance that we can get an update to the Umineko converter to support the new Umineko Chiru release from UmiTweak? I’ve tried with multiple configurations but all I’ve gotten has been this error:

  34. Hi.
    I have to questions.
    The first one refers to FSN Converter.

    I myself get the “bitmap error” while converting the game, as a guy before did.

    “I did get a few “unreadable bitmap” errors when converting the backgrounds…”

    My second question refers to the way, how sprite positioning works. Does VNDS Have this a) or b) type coordinate system:


    +—————-> X



    +————————> x

    ?___? I wanted to know this, bc I was planning on writing my own VN with the easy coding structure if VNDS.
    Are there any license things to take care?

    Thx Mame

    • Some bitmap related errors are normal. A handful of images in FSN don’t work with the .tlg to bitmap converter I use.

      In VNDS, the y-axis goes down: version A. You can use the script language for any purpose you want, although unless you need Nintendo DS compatibility there are usually better options.

  35. Hello,
    after converting Ever17 with your latest version of the converter and running it on my Galaxy Note 2 with the bought version of VNDS Interpreter, I encountered a strange problem–all the sprites are missing, none of them show up at all. The rest seems to work fine, however… any idea what the problem might be? This isn’t normal, is it?

  36. Hi, is there any way to pause a novel conversion and then resume it later? Specifically I’m trying to convert Umineko Chiru with the Umitweak patch, without voices but it still takes a ridiculous time on an intel atom, and I can’t leave it overnight atm. I tried choosing the same output folder but it just overwrites the converted files.

    • There’s currently no way to pause it. Having the game on a flash drive and converting to an external hard drive usually greatly speeds up the conversion, but most Atoms are so slow it might not matter.

  37. Hi there. First of all, thanks for your work. You`ve done a great job and I hope you`ll go on it later.

    However, I have a certain problem. I`ve installed VNDS Lite on my Android LG-E455, but I cannot play any novel on it (I`ve tried CrossChannel and Never7). The error that occures: when I try to start conversed novel, I got a message: “Invalid jump: op.scr nil”. Please explain what kind of error is that. The conversion seems to proceed without error messages.

    • It means the is damaged, missing or incomplete. Conversion takes an appropriately long time (at least 30 min. or so)?

      • Thanks for reply. I just found that I tried to convert the convertor, not the game itself=) I`ll try to do it right.

  38. Hi, I have a problem.
    I have the novel on my phone but when I load it, it goes to 100%, then it doesn’t answer and i have to close vnds.
    CAn you help me ? I have an xperia play. Thanks

  39. When I play a visual novel with vnds the text is freezing rather frequently for like 2 seconds in random places, but the music continues. I have a motorola razr i and this happens with every novel I tried so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • It may have something to do with the speed of your SD memory. Are the files stored on a micro SD card and/or are you using the SD memory for something else at the same time (downloading, playing music, connected to a computer)?

      Does setting the text speed to max help in any way?

  40. Excuse me. I dunno if this is a problem or not but. While converting Ever17 (I used the v1.1.2), lines like ‘unsupported opcode: ** (**)’, ‘what kind of expr is this? ***’, etc. appears. I’m wondering if this’ll will break what I’ve converted. Does this appear naturally or am I doing something wrong here? Thank you. And keep up the great work!

  41. Hi,
    I just bought from Google Play the VNDS Interpreter (version 1.6.4) and I’m running it on my Samsung Galaxy S I9000.

    So far it’s going very smoothly, and I love it! But there’s a small bug that is been bothering me.

    When I select in the “On-Screen Menu” the option “Prefer Soft Menu” a white square appears in the top-right corner of the screen while I’m playing. While if I select “Auto” the square disappears but there isn’t any icon in the top right corner (I assume there should be one, am I wrong?).


  42. Where can I download any Visual novel in English, French or Spanish for Visual Novel DS? I have tried a lot but there isn’t Can I do a Visual Novel file with audio and text?

    • The route unlock flags (global.sav) will automatically transfer over, but there’s no way to re-use save files made on the DS.

  43. Hi, I’ve been trying out NVList and found something which I think is a bug while trying out coloured text. The styles applied to text and names only work if the text is written as a $name or as a @say_name () command, but not if it’s a Name:
    @local daveTextStyle = createStyle{color=0xFFFF0000} –Opaque red
    @local daveNameStyle = createStyle{color=0xFFFF0000} –Opaque red
    @registerSpeaker(“Dave”, “Dave”, daveTextStyle, daveNameStyle)

    $Dave Hello World

    Dave: Yo, sup. Dave Strider here.
    Just chillin and dropping some mad homestuck references.

    @return titlescreen()
    The ” $Dave Hello World ” will display correctly in red, but the “Dave: Yo, sup. Dave Strider here.
    Just chillin and dropping some mad homestuck references.” part will only display in standard white. I asked a programmer friend and he was also stumped. so I guess it’s a bug?

    • The $Dave is what causes the color to change for the first line. In the second line, you’re using “Dave: ” instead of $Dave and therefore that line will be displayed in the default white instead of your custom color.

  44. I bought the full version on my Proscan PLT7223G tablet, and there seems to be no way to save. on the tablet itself there are no buttons that i can click to do it, and on a USB keyboard, i can hit ‘L’ to load, but nothing will save. And hitting ‘S’ causes a script error.

    I was wondering if you knew a way to save. The only touch screen buttons are ‘Back’ which pulls up the text log, Home and the volume buttons.

    Any help would be appreciated

    • Holding the device in portrait mode causes the title bar (with access to the menu) to show up. There’s also a touchable hotspot in the top-right of the visible screen that does the same. On some devices, longpressing the task switcher button also functions as a menu key.

  45. I Saw some ppl had same problem but I didnt found answer.
    No matter where I place files, VNDS dont see VN. I already tried different Vns in diffrent paths and problem remain.
    Im using Xperia S which doesn’t support sd card, so I place files in internal memmory.

    • You should put the VNDS-converted VN-folder as a subfolder of “vnds/novels/” (so you get something like vnds/novels/narcissu/info.txt)

      • Thanks, this path worked for me. I have another problem now, VNDS can’t handle huge number of sounds files (over 45000), is there any way to overcome very long initializing (I waited 40min and I gave up)? Or I rather play without voice and sound?

        • You can unpack — extract it straight to the game folder (make sure you don’t get a path like sound/sound/somefile.ogg) then delete/rename/move

  46. I can’t give you a logcat becouse Im user of android 4.1+, but I can say you that it dont hangs it just load very long I deleted sound files from stages 2,3 and 4 and now it load much faster, I will just exchange files when I will go to next stage.
    Now I have problem nr3 I promise it’s last one.
    When I jump to chapter, music from menu keep playing all the time (voice&soundtrack work), I havent this problem when I start from 1st chapter.

  47. Hello again, there is problem with continous text stream. It stop to work when you load game from save, re-marking in options dont help.

  48. Hey, sorry to bother you again, but I’m having a problem with the Fate/Stay Night converter. I recently decided to finally finish up UBW and Heaven’s Feel, but every now and then I would get a script error. This made me completely miss the end of Heaven’s Feel. So I went and downloaded a “healthier” script file, which would often randomly add blank lines, but still gave me the ending. The problem is that I can’t get a good background set because the converter tells me some of the bitmaps are unreadable. Is there any way to fix this?

  49. “Invalid jump: op.scr nil”

    I get this error every time on my android.

    I’ve attempted to port it several times.

    I am using a PC version of the game, attempting to port it to the phone.

    The VNDS interpreter starts up normally and can read the never7 game icon. then it sits at the splash screen doing nothing. As soon as I tap the screen, it gives that error.

    Multiple attempts at porting it have not worked.

    If anyone has any advice, I’d be very grateful.

    Thank you.

    • That means something went horribly wrong and the converter either could not find any scripts to convert (wrong input folder?), or crashed before it got the chance.

  50. Firstly, I want to say, thanks for all your hard work and I wanted to make sure if the umineko converter works for the umitweak chiru?

    sorry for bad english!

    • Clarification: The app can be side-loaded onto the device just fine, but the controller buttons don’t function – you have to do all the interaction with the touchpad. And attempting to save causes a crash that takes you back to the title screen without ever actually creating a save file.

      • It should be easily fixable, but I’m currently lacking both an Ouya to test on and time to implement a fix.

  51. Tsumihoroboshi-hen chapter of Higurashi doesn’t seem to want to work when I use the converter with it on its own it shows up as chapter 1-4 when it should be 5-8.If converter it with the other kai chapter all the other chapter work well but this one comes up with Invalid jump _tsum-op.scr nil.Any Ideas why its only this chapter?
    Also wanted to add that it works how it should on pc.

    • Do you have the single-chapter release? I don’t think the converter is still compatible with those. There were some changes I had to make when the combined EP 5-8 release came out that may have broken the single-episode releases.

      • Yeah I do its just weird that is only one chapter. I was thinking that might be it oh well.Thank you for your replay.

          • Maybe. It might also just be that the start script has a different name. If that’s the case, you may be able to just rename the the “*_op.scr” file to “_tsum-op.scr”

    • Not sure why I’m replying to six years old comments, I’m fully aware that it’s pointless.
      I would simply like to point out that the article in question is simply a review, which falls under fair use. He has the right to do it, whether he has your permission or not, even if the review is negative. Contacting wordpress would be pointless, though I guess you already know that since it’s been six years and the review isn’t gone.
      I hope you didn’t really think that every reviewer has to ask the copyright holders permission to review their works. That would be utterly ridiculous.

  52. hello i have create a file of ever17 and just dump the folder into the novels folder of my vnds folder
    but this appaears when i try to load the game ( script ) Unable to open script file script /op.scr do you have an explication ?

  53. Hi,

    I bought the app a while ago and have been enjoying it.
    Great work!

    Thing is, I had to format my phone (Obviously, doing a backup previously) and lost all my save data.

    ¿Where is this save data stored?
    ¿Is there a way to restore my saved data from a backup?


  54. hello anon i have create a file of ever17 and just dump the folder into the novels folder of my vnds folder
    but this appaears when i try to load the game on my ds ( script ) Unable to open script file script /op.scr do you have an explication ? thanks for your answer

  55. hello i was wondering if it is possible to see your cg achievements or music using vnds after beating the game for example cross channel

  56. Anon,
    I can’t seem to download the paid version of the app from the Google Play store. Whenever I try to do so, I receive a message stating “We couldn’t start your purchase because of a technical issue,” and in the details “There is an error in the setup for your purchase. Please contact the merchant about this issue.” I have tried different payment methods, restarting my phone, etc. to no avail. The Lite version will download, however.

  57. I cannot purchase your app from the google play store. -from phone app, from firefox, from chrome.

    Googleplay technical support says that there is something wrong on the “merchant end” of the transaction. (it took them 3 days to verify and tell me)

    It would not accept a credit/debit card payment, paypal payment nor even googleplaystore credits.

    Please fix right away.

  58. Hey Anon, I also have a problem with Fate/Stay Night on Android where text turns into a mix of Kanji, Arabic and some Cyrillic letters. It’s not the problem with the SD card, I opened some of the script files, and managed to run into a corrupted one, and it was indeed the mix of letters mentioned above. I probably wouldn’t be bothered that much about it if it kept happening in random parts that aren’t so important to the story, but the WHOLE ending of the first route is in gibberish :( Is there a way to get healthy script files and replace these? I could e-mail you the archive containing the scripts so you can check them yourself. Please respond, I would really like to play this novel without bugs :(

  59. please help.

    everytime i uninstall, reinstall vnds.apk on my android; i lose ALL of my saved data.

    Where does vnds for android save the saved games to? i have looked for data/data/nl.weeaboo.vnds as the previous post stated, but i have no idea where that is. I am using ES explorer app.

  60. I’m currently attempting to create a VNDS converter (for Kanon). However I’m having a strange problem related to zipping the background folder. The foreground, sound and script zip folders works fine, however, only some backgrounds will display when called from the script. If I put them in the plain (unzipped) background folder it works fine, but once zipped, the problem occurs. For testing purposes I just used 7zip to zip (uncompressed), rather than in code.
    It’s a minor issue really, but I just can’t figure why background zip won’t work when works smoothly

    • Okay, it seems sound doesn’t work properly either, and just plays some dialouge…I’m even more in the loss now :)

      • So I might have been jumping the gun a little too soon in my plea for help. I found out (quite accidently) that while the reference to filenames when placed in unzippet folders are case insensitive, they are in fact CASE SENSITVE when they have been zipped. Peculiar :)

  61. Hey, sorry for this, but I found out about this app while reading up on Fate/Stay Night. So when I tried to buy the app so as to enable saving, Play kept popping up with the error message that you guys were not able to accept payment. It is Google’s problem or are you guys really unable to accept payment now?

  62. Google wallet support says that the problem is on the vendor’s end. Nobody can purchase the app and so far, nobody wants to send me the latest version of the app. Basically, there is no way of getting this forbidden app whatsoever. Be glad if you are lucky enough to have a working older copy of VNDS.

    It has been like this for over a week, probably longer. Weeaboo is missing, no replies to emails either.

    This is probably the end of VNDS.

    Perhaps oneday another visual novel engine will be made by somebody.

  63. Hi, i’ve been wanting to purchase the VNDS interpreter but it keep showing an error that the seller is unable to accept payment for now. will it be resolved soon? i really want to start playing with a save function

  64. Can you please give us an update on whether or not the problem is being resolved or going to be. I am one of the many other people looking to buy this app. No saving sucks :/

  65. Is there any way to stop the text from flickering occasionally? I’ve tried changing fonts and messing around with kernel and developer options but it still happens.

  66. Just thought I’d drop you a line that NVList won’t work with Java 8 because auf import Package Nashorn Rhino stuff.
    Downgrading to Java7 to run the build.jar fixes the problem

  67. Dear Anon,
    I am experiencing an issue with purchasing your application. Others seems to be having the same problem. I ask that you respond to us or resolve the issue so we may give you money for your application.

    Best wishes,

  68. Getting an invalid payment method on google. only with your app, must be something on your end and i’ve seen other have it.

  69. Same problem here trying to buy your app – payment is not getting accepted. Lost faith actually as there seems to be no answer to the problem since Aug last year but still got a little hope someone actually respond here..

  70. Hi, I am also unable to purchase your app on the Google play store. I spent 2 hours talking to a Google tech on the phone about it and she concluded that it was something on the developers end that needs to be fixed. I would really like to be able to save my progress with the paid version. Please fix it so I can buy it.

  71. Hello,
    I have a problem with converting higurashi when I’m trying to convert the game it says “Please run your game at least before converting” But I already runned the game and saved it once. So I can’t convert the game, please Help!

  72. I having trouble with VNDS on my DS.
    I tried Wanko fine yesterday but when I turned off !y DS and tried it later it gave me a Guru Med error whenever I start the VNDS app. I tried deleting it and redownload in it again but it didn’t work. I read earlier about you saying to press R + Y but that didn’t work either. Is there anything I can do? It worked perfectly yesterday and now it doesn’t.

  73. I think it’s probably a problem with VNDS, but the images that show up on the top screen is glitchy. I’ve checked that the images aren’t corrupted.
    Using Wood Launcher on the DS.

  74. I am having issues with trying to purchase VNDS Interpreter on Google Play. I have contacted Google and they couldn’t solve the problem. Please help.

  75. I tried opening the vn with your vnds but when I tried to play it, the prologue said “End of prologue” and when I tried to press “start game” it’d just say “invalid jump: fate01-00.scr nil” What do I do?

  76. Anyone can help? I’m playing F/SN on my android, but then the screen were zoomed. And now i can’t see anything beside the text, does anyone know how to fix this?

  77. I just finish setting up the fate staynight VN and put it on my phone and it done every thing its meant to do but when I pressed the start game button on the vnds app it said saying invalid jump: fate01-00.scr nil and I’ve been trying really hard to figure out what’s wrong with it but I have no idear what to do so can I please have some help to figure out what’s happening

    • script error, you would have to extract the script and look for the error.

      In my experience it’s usually a typo, easy to overlook, easy to fix.

      If you can provide a save file of right before it crashes I could take a look!

  78. Hello,
    I’m a college student doing a research paper on the subculture of the Weeaboo. Can anyone help me out?

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    We need a guest post with dofollow links on your website The post would be relevant to your betting site. How much do you charge for each guest post (Or) Blog posts?


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  80. I was looking at your website and noticed it appears the word “oneday” is spelled wrong. I had similar problems on my site until someone mentioned it to me and I also now use software from to keep my site error free.

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