Android NVList Update

I’ve been working on the Android port of NVList, mostly on getting it to the point where it’s usable by humans and you don’t need to be some kind of masochistic time wizard to get it running.

I’m adding a subscreen to Build.jar for configuring Android-related settings, and generating/updating an Android project based on those settings. The generated project will have the app icon, name, etc. hardcoded, but not any of the scripts or other resources. You can choose to either include the resources as assets directly into the APK, or as a separate download (preferable for VNs over 25-30MB).

There’s still a bunch of documentation to write, and a considerable amount of fiddling. I hope to have Android support ready for NVList v2.8 (currently at v2.6). The code of the Android version of the engine itself is ready; I made a quick Android port of Cottage on the Moor to test/demo the code:

Cottage on the Moor (Android version)