Kira Kira Converter v1.1.0

The route selection code was all kinds of messed up and the ending flags weren’t being set when reaching each of the good endings. I also removed a sanity check left over from early development that would strip out any non-ASCII characters from the dialogue, enjoy your “…” character.

If there are any serious problems left, please let me know.

* 2012/10/08 — v1.1.0
– Fixed handling of route branching conditions, ending flags.
– Better handling of non-ASCII characters

KiraKira VNDS Converter v1.0.0

Converts an installed copy of “Kira Kira” (the MangaGamer version) to a version playable with VNDS. If you encounter any bugs, please report them in the VNDS Forum.


1a. Buy the game and extract the zip file somewhere.
1b. The converter should also work with the free demo version.
2.  Run the game once (and activate your copy if you haven't already).
3.  Double-click on KiraKiraConverter.exe
    If the program won't start you may have to install/update Java.
4.  Change the "game folder" to where you installed the game.
5.  Change "output folder" to where you want your VNDS version to be created
6.  Hit start. Conversion will take 30~90 minutes with voices or 10~30
    minutes without. (Additional warning: Extracting the voice files may make
    your computer unresponsive for a good 15~30 minutes)
* 2011/05/14 — v1.0.0
 – Initial release