[review] Senior Year (+ College Romance (+ Alta, Texas))

Senior Year
Senior Year screenshot
genre drama
creator NaweGR Games
summary 'You' are in your final year of college and now every woman you meet wants to fuck you.

When you look at the vndb page for Senior Year, you see an interesting release history — it has been re-released under a different name twice. The most recent version, Alta, Texas even jumped up from freeware to a $10 commercial release. I was intrigued by the prospect of a 2006 freeware VN being good enough (albeit with some added polish) to still hold up well enough to justify a non-free remake. I went back to the root and started with the 2006 original: Senior Year.

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[review] The Elf and the Warrior PG13

The Elf and the Warrior PG13
The Elf and the Warrior PG13 screenshot
genre fantasy, romance
creator fleet
summary Elf girl gets her ass handed to her by a dragon, pays a bum with her body to kill it.

The mastermind behind the amazingly entertaining Arnie and the Hitchhiker is back with a short kinetic novel about the love between an elf and a warrior.

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