Umineko Converter v1.4.4

Support for the 07th Inquisition Spanish translation patch has been added. Make sure the translation patch is located in a subfolder named "[07th Inq] Umineko Esp". A message with the detected game language (Spanish, English, Russian) is printed early during the conversion (check it to make sure your patch is being picked up correctly).

* 2012/06/30 — v1.4.4
– Added support for the 07th Inquisition Spanish translation patch

VNDS Converter Update 2012-04


2012/04/29 — v1.4.3
– Switched from nsaout -> nsadec to work with UmiTweak
– Added (limited) support for UmiTweak patch

Fate/Stay Night

2012/04/29 — v1.2.3
– Fixed Heaven’s Feel unlock flag not getting set


2012/03/30 — v1.0.1
– Support for destination folders with spaces in their path


2012/03/30 — v1.0.2
– Support for destination folders with spaces in their path

Umineko Converter v1.4.2

Someone asked me if I could add support for the Russian translation patch. Previous versions of the converter didn’t work due to character encoding issues. The Russian translation patch encodes printable text in cp1251, but leaves rest of the script in SJIS. I had to implement some trickery to be able to switch character encodings mid-file, but it should now mostly work. There may still be some parts where the characters are messed up due to a misdetected character encoding.
* 2012/03/14 — v1.4.2
– Support for the Russian translation patch

Umineko Converter v1.2.0

Converts an installed copy of Umineko EP 1~7 to a version playable with VNDS. If you encounter any bugs, please report them in the VNDS Forum.

You can now choose a target platform for the conversion. Selecting a target screen size other than 256×192 produces higher resolution graphics (requires the Android VNDS interpreter v1.3.0)

* 2011/04/03 — v1.2.0
 – Support for high-res mode for the Android VNDS Interpreter.
 – Try to distinguish between ‘:’ used as a printable character and ‘:’ used
   as a command separator.