Android VNDS Interpreter v1.6.0

A pretty large update this time. Probably most notable are some interface changes. The novel selection screen has the buttons at the bottom moved to the action bar on devices that have it. The text log is now also full-screen instead of filling only the same 4:3 rectangle as the VN. I’ve also made a proper startup splash screen instead of just using a progress dialog.

I’ve also integrated some user suggestions: The search hardware button can now be used to advance text, the soft menu button becomes completely invisible in landscape mode or on devices with a physical menu key and the time spent reading a VN is now visible on its preferences screen.

Additionally, I’ve tweaked some things for today’s higher-performance devices. On high-res displays, coordinate rounding to integers has been disabled and texture downscaling uses bilinear instead of nearest-neighbor.


– Changed how SD card detection works, now browses /mnt
– Text log now fills the whole screen
– Soft menu button is now invisible (but functional) in landscape by default
– Added playtime counter to prefs screen
– Added preference for min. number of lines to show in the textbox
– Hardware search button will now advance text
– Use higher quality texture filtering (bilinear) on high-res displays
– Better init screen
– Improved performance when 2+ sprites visible

Kira Kira Converter v1.1.0

The route selection code was all kinds of messed up and the ending flags weren’t being set when reaching each of the good endings. I also removed a sanity check left over from early development that would strip out any non-ASCII characters from the dialogue, enjoy your “…” character.

If there are any serious problems left, please let me know.

* 2012/10/08 — v1.1.0
– Fixed handling of route branching conditions, ending flags.
– Better handling of non-ASCII characters

Ever17/Never7 Converter Update

There was a serious bug in the Ever17 converter that prevented entering the Sora route through normal means (you could still skip to it through the debug menu, but that forces you into a bad end). I also integrated the voice clip conversion instead of requiring a separate program to extract them.

Ever 17

2012/10/06 — v1.1.0
 – Voice data no longer requires external KTG tool to convert
 – Sora route was inaccessible through normal means due to a bug.

Never 7 uses an earlier version of the same engine, but the bug only affected one minor branch when talking to Saki at the pool.

Never 7

* 2012/10/06 — v1.0.1
 – Wrong branch was taken during Saki conversation at pool.

Android VNDS Interpreter v1.5.9

Just a small bugfix release. I changed the novel selection screen to show larger icons when holding the device in landscape orientation, primarily for the benefits of tablets and other large screen devices.


– Added /mnt/extsd to the default novel search path
– Novel selection screen now uses larger icons in landscape mode.
– Higher resolution “New Slot” image for the save screen.
– Tried to reduce unnecessary progress popups.
– Last word jittering between lines should be fixed.
– Fixed NPE when save folder exists but unreadable.
– Disabling auto mode removes “auto” text properly now when text speed=instant.

Never 7 Converter v1.0.0

Converts an installed copy of "Never 7" to a version playable with VNDS. The converter should also work on the unpatched Japanese version. If you’re using the music-less download version but with a custom soundtrack, that should be picked up as well (tested with the PSP OST).

Any append scripts in the "append" or "append-en" folders are also converted. These can be accessed from the title screen.

Not supported: the rainbow-colored text box. A great loss.

* 2012/09/22 — v1.0.0
– Initial release