[review] Perfect Chemistry

Perfect Chemistry
Perfect Chemistry screenshot
genre otome
creator Elekctrafied Productions
summary Female chem major develops a crush on her wimpy lab partner


Chemistry major Cammy has an obvious crush on her lab partner Tyler. He’s smart, studious, "gorgeous" (as exclaimed by multiple characters), and a complete wimp. His ex-girlfriend Tania texts him every five minutes, and calls him at 5:30 in the morning to whine about inane bullshit. Tyler, being a complete pushover, actually goes along with it.

That’s the plot basically. You need to tear Tyler away from his parasitic ex-girlfriend. Or not, that’s really up to you as there are a whopping 11 endings. The endings aren’t completely nonsensical, but there’s only so much you can do with a slice of life romance story before you have to resort to time-skipping and/or pulling love interests out of your ass in the epilogue.


MS Paint art. Male characters suffer from Moai-like long face due to their eyes being significantly above mid-head. Cammy looks almost cute; although judging by the shape of her skull her dad may have been a parallelogram. Sprites slide in/out the sides of the screen which can look a bit awkward anyway, but sliding around floating detached torsos certainly doesn’t help. The problem is that the text box disappears during transitions and the sprites rely on the opaque text box to hide their unfortunate anatomy.

Backgrounds are bad stock art. They look to be upscaled from 640×480 (blurry, aliasing present). There are no event CG.

The text box is very basic, but at least it’s readable. The same can’t be said of choices and the preferences screen. Both use light green text on light green buttons making text very hard to read. Within the VN is a ‘phone’ screen where you can read text messages and emails. It looks nothing like a phone, is incredibly ugly and doesn’t auto-select or highlight new messages. The main menu has a music room and an endings list which is a nice touch. Unfortunately the dreaded "Music by Kevin MacLeod" strikes again, making the music room useless. Even if I wanted to listen to the soundtrack, I could just as well read any other English-language visual novel because they all use the same bloody music.


This review may sound very negative, but Perfect Chemistry really isn’t all that bad. Sure, the art is obviously bad and the music is the same reheated shit, but the writing is decent. While I may dislike Tyler for letting his ex treat him as her bitch, his interactions with Cammy feel realistic and endearing.

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