[review] Zzombie Infestation 1

Zzombie Infestation 1
Zzombie Infestation 1 screenshot
genre zombie horror
creator Aaron1981
summary Suddenly, zombies.


I don’t want to deprive you of the title screen’s full glory, so here you go. The text being anti-aliased to white — even though the background is green — fills me with fuzzy nostalgic flashbacks from grade school; only an 8-year-old would think that looks acceptable. The emphasis on the VN being not for sale is also a nice touch. You could have fooled me with such a professional looking titlescreen

Well, let’s get started shall we.

Gee wiz, we have a wife. Too bad she doesn’t get any lines, a personality or even a name.

Notice how the above is all a single sentence. The writer, throughout the VN, demonstrates he doesn’t know the difference between a period and a comma. Does he just flip a coin or something? He also has an annoying habit of placing spaces before a comma, which annoys me far more than it probably should.

Returning to the story — the commotion doesn’t die down, so let’s open the curtain to see what’s going on.

I love the little aside, "eating Rick" — like it’s some small matter that our neighbor is currently being eaten by someone. Anyhow, let’s try to be a hero and save Rick.

Not the sharpest crayon in the box, are we?

It seems fist-fighting the zombies gets us eaten. What if we tried to flee with ‘wife’?

There’s a ‘good’ end, but it can only be reached by not opening the curtains in the beginning. In the good end, you hide inside the house. When your food supply runs out, you take a trip to the grocery store to get some more. Zombie infestation, his neighbors are all dead and he pops over to the shop to buy some food.



Google streetview, a true cornucopia of quality backgrounds.

30 thoughts on “[review] Zzombie Infestation 1

    • If one negative review by some random guy on the internet is enough to make him quit, it was probably inevitable.

      • What baffles me is that he seems to have a wife. Did he get married when he was 10?
        Either that or he’s the biggest troll ever.

  1. Don’t you think you were, you know, maybe a little too hard on him.

    Sure his game was terrible and all, but did you really need to go this far; you literally took a club and bashed his game to pieces (and I even imagined you standing on the crumpled pieces of his game and laughing)

    Anyway, everyone starts somewhere; no one is born a professional. Sure, his VN was not even of mediocre quality, but really was their nothing worth praising of in the game.
    As many people will tell you, if you want someone to improve, you actually have to point out something good about their work too.

    And let’s be honest, if you actually wanted to play a VN worth your time, you would’ve chosen a better VN than it. It was clear that his VN was no good, especially after looking at the thread.
    And you despite that, took your sweet time and even posted many screenshots, which you also cropped down to just the text box — how thoughtful of you, just so you can see your e-penis grow some inches and maybe share a nice laugh with your pals.
    Picture relevant: http://fishbowl.pastiche.org/archives/pictures/greater_internet_fuckwad_theory.jpg

    You sir, are an absolute dick; the man was going to release the second part and who knows, maybe it would’ve been a bit better than the first, if only you had a little tact.

    Now, before writing this post, I did read some of your other reviews, and they were mostly alright. I wonder what went wrong.

    But in the end, you killed a dream of a game developer and you should be ashamed of yourself. If you had shown a bit of tact, maybe this wouldn’t have happened.

      • Sometimes it’s not that the dream was not true, not every one is happy whit themselves, no matter the age, to someone whit low self steam something like this won’t only hurt, it will also make that person think “I didn’t have it in me, I shouldn’t have tried, I am no good at this.”, etc. He didn’t give up just because he was oh so very hurt, he gave up because he tough “If no one likes what I write, then why am I writing?”. I am a girl and I like writing, but I have never really have the nerve to show my writing to the world I just post it on my facebook so my friends can see it. Taking something you did and showing it to some stranger it’s not easy, especially if it’s something you putted your heart into. I agree whit “Someone”, I am part of that forum, I don’t say much though, and I saw that tread I knew it wasn’t that good, but people gave him advice and I was hoping to see him improve in the next one. Since I knew the game was no good from the start it was a no minder, I never downloaded it. I don’t care about the guy that wrote the game, but the one that wrote this review had no good intentions from the start, and no one can change that, he trashed someone’s efforts just for fun, having some grammar mistakes pales in comparison. You make me sick.

    • I agree with the guy above.
      Seriously, he’s a grown adult, not a kid. I’ve never seen a grown man going “BOO HOO SOMEONE DOESN’T LIKE SOMETHING THAT I MADE AND POINTED OUT ALL OF THE BAD THINGS ON IT ;___;” from reading a review. I’ve seen a 13 year old girl take hits worse than this and come out with improvement.


      • well the way i see it this person just butchered it like as if it was retailed for an expensive price. some people put a lot of effort on to their writings. surely you would understand assuming if you wrote/made something that you put a lot of effort and “heart” in to it and someone from the internet just butchers it pointing out very anal mistakes than rather actually looking at the story as whole. it’s not that he’s easily offended, its just the combination of putting effort in to something you enjoy plus someone basically criticizing it as a piece of worthless turd isn’t something someone can shake off.

      • Everyone starts as a *kid*, a noob if you may in a new field.
        That man was a *noob* and as an universal rule, noobs are shit and their works more so.
        And also, starting something requires dedication to that idea.
        When you release your work, it requires a certain amount of strength, because everyone knows, nothing is perfect and there will be some terrible things in the finished product. But you also expect people to praise some part of it, so that you know you have the potential.

        As a writer, I know that when I write the first few paragraphs they are hard to write, but then the rhythm builds up. But he bitchslapped him in the start and then went all “LULZ!!! inb4 I’m a reviewer fgt” .

        And you are like, “Y U NO LIKE THE REVIEW?!!!”
        Honestly, have you ever released something to the world!? If so, I would like to see it; i mean you must be one tough nut to crack and have tons of experience, amirite?

        Even if someone project is absolutely horrendous, you don’t go around discouraging them, especially not in a mocking fashion. It’s clear that anonl wanted to bash his game into pieces; maybe he thinks he is a elitist and that it was his born right to blast games to pieces.

        A simple analogy: If you want to get out a cave, you must see a ray of light to understand which direction to walk in. No one can fucking walk in the darkness.

        Oh and anonl, were you high when you made them game of yours, whatever it was called.
        Oh also, I take back what I said about your other reviews. You seem like someone who was bullied in irl and now is taking out his pent-up anger by bullying hobbyist.

        You are a deluded young man who had forgotten the boundary between 4chan and the rest of world, and just for that, you need to go to counseling.

        • I think you’re mixing up which party needs counselling here.

          Zzombie Infestation is pure shit. Anyone who claims otherwise is deluding themselves.

          • No-one is saying that Zzombie Infestation is good. Everyone is saying that this review is shit, and completely unnecessary. Reviewer needs to pull that stick out of his ass and meet some people. See if they won’t beat him up for having a shitty personality.

          • It’s hilarious how all you white knights think someone’ll be “beat up” for saying what everyone else thinks.

            I think you guys need to meet some people and learn the world isn’t some bubble of ideals where everyone’s dishonest against everyone.

  2. Seriously, do you three like to type lengthy comments without having a brain, someone, elhlyn and Hide’n’SeekGirl?

    “As many people will tell you, if you want someone to improve, you actually have to point out something good about their work too.” – someone

    Where do you get your critiques from? The kindergarten? In real life, if a critic knows something is bad, he won’t try and worm out whatever is good about it. Period.

    “And let’s be honest, if you actually wanted to play a VN worth your time, you would’ve chosen a better VN than it. It was clear that his VN was no good, especially after looking at the thread.” – someone

    “Since I knew the game was no good from the start it was a no minder, I never downloaded it. I don’t care about the guy that wrote the game, but the one that wrote this review had no good intentions from the start,” – Hide’n’SeekGirl

    So are you saying that we shouldn’t even bother to check on vns that don’t look good? Because of people like you, most vns are ignored and pretty much disappeared into oblivion. So much for helping the maker to improve, don’t you agree?

    Plus, this review is hardly satire. How is this a ego boosting is beyond me.

    “well the way i see it this person just butchered it like as if it was retailed for an expensive price. some people put a lot of effort on to their writings.” – elhlyn

    Reviews are not limited to just commercial works. I actually welcome anonl’s effort in reviewing these freeware OELVNs that most won’t even bother to touch. Also, when you release something out to the public, you will expect people to hate it if it’s really bad.

    And instead of giving in to the “brutal” critiques he got, the writer should rather grow a spine to prove that this reviewer is wrong with his future releases instead of chickening out and expecting people to cuddle him.

    Lastly, before posting some lengthy comments, learn to type English properly. This goes to you three. Seriously, writers, with all those typos? I don’t know if those are intentional mistakes, but you will make any proofreaders cry with all those.

    • No, the last I checked, I don’t get my reviews from kindergarten.
      Yeah in real life he/she would do that, but he/she would also point out some good things about it or at least point out what the author could’ve improved.
      But funnily enough, I can’t see anything like that in this review, or maybe I just skipped over it, so please point it out for me.

      And I didn’t meant to say that. :sigh:
      What I wanted to say is that if the game is so terrible that you felt that you wasted your time playing it, then please, you shouldn’t waste your time and energy writing a review and cropping down screenshots.
      The review is clearly written to mock the author and that’s why I said that he wrote it for sharing a laugh with his pals.

      Everyone starts somewhere and you’ve to give them space to err, grow up.
      And this type of review / behaviour shouts “elitism”; if it’s not of this quality, “let’s take a bat and bash it; he don’t deserve to make vns.”
      I agree that people will hate a product if it’s really bad and all that. But a person who goes around maintaining a review section should at least know how to review properly or at least try to be it semi-professionally.

      Lastly, yeah the writer should grow a spine and try to follow on the advice the reviewer gave him, but well there’s a catch here; there was no advice in this “review”.
      You can bang your head against the wall all you want, but that doesn’t do any good, now does it? I think that’s how the author felt.
      No, I’m not saying that the reviewer is wrong, but he / she should’ve put it better.

      Oh, yeah I do make my proofreaders cry, and I didn’t actually proofread what I posted here.
      But anyway, I always find it hard to find my own mistakes, but thanks for pointing it out.

      tl;dr: No one would’ve commented here, if it was a fair review.

      • >No one would’ve commented here, if it was a fair review.

        It is a fair review. He points out what’s wrong with the damn thing in a no-nonsense way. A review that avoids telling it “as it is” is not a fair review. People read reviews to find out if something is worth their time, and if anonl doesn’t tell the whole truth for the sake of some guy’s ego, then what’s the point of reviewing this?

        Answer: there is none.

        • I say it’s not a fair review, not because he said anything wrong in his review. I say it’s an unfair review because of the tone he used.

          (Maybe I messed up my points somewhere (like always) so let me say it straight.)

          anonl was mocking him and his game in the entire review; from the wordings to the video in the end, he mocked the author and frankly, he seemed to enjoy it.

          If you’re going to write a review, at least try to be a little professional.

          Consider a case; you go to a restaurant to eat. A waiter comes to serve you, but instead of serving you politely like he should, he drops the plate on the table, and calls you, “Lazy ass bastards.”
          Now in this case, he would be kicked out of the restaurant but if he had done it politely, you might’ve given him a tip.

      • Hey, where were you guys when he posted his thread on LSF? I didn’t see anyone comment on his VN, nor tell him how to improve his writing or his art. Look at it, there’s only one post, and it’s telling him where he can upload his VN.
        Wow, you guys sure did help him out and boost his self-esteem :D!!!! This review that points out the bad > the nonexistant comments and butt-patting on his thread.

        • But at least no one tried to mock him.
          There’s something called “tact”; you should look it up sometime.

          > white knights
          Well it goes both way, doesn’t it. Like for example, quite white knighting for anonl :-)

          > I think you guys need to meet some people and learn the world isn’t some bubble of ideals where everyone’s dishonest against everyone.
          No one’s saying he (anonl) is dishonest; the thing is he mocks the author and his work.

          Before defending him, try to read some reviews other than this one and it will be nice, if you went to one of your teachers and ask him / her how to give a review.
          Or if it’s too much work for you, just google it you know. Oh and please don’t bother posting any links here/

          • I can’t help but white-knight for anonl, he’s just so moe! >///<

            Anyway, I just feel the need to write this because the author pretty much tried to GUILTTRIP BAWWWW everyone who would read that thread and anonl. Seriously, he's a "grown man with a wife," he should act like one. Most of everyone else on LSF seems to understand, they either tell him to let it go because anonl writes shit like this all the time, or they tell him to man up.

            And, he still pretty much has some snarky remarks in the other reviews, like for Arnie and the Hitchhiker. You can practically hear the sarcasm dripping from his words in that and in this review. anonl seems to only praise the author when there are genuine good points in it. He did the same in his NaNoReMo(?) reviews and everyone on LSF took it as humor and agreed with his points. :/

          • > I can’t help but white-knight for anonl, he’s just so moe! >///<

            Maybe he did, but that doesn't excuse the fact that he did mock the author. And mocking someone is not a good thing to do, either in real life or in net life.

            And about the NaNoRenMo thing, I'm pretty sure not everyone read it; I know some of the authors of the games and they would have been pretty sad after reading those reviews.

    • The only reason I’m here to begin whit is because I was rooting for the guy to improve, It didn’t just go over my head and go ignored, I kept and eye for his work so that I could know how he was doing and possibly give him some advice if I saw something I could help whit, being a noob myself I didn’t have much to say. If I actually ignored him because it was not that good I wouldn’t even care.

      And actually horror things are not my thing, unless is really mainstream… So really say what you like, I am always a silent person on the internet any way, I said what I came here to say… that’s it.

      • So basically you don’t give shit about his work because you didn’t even read it! You even said earlier you “knew it wasn’t good” from the thread: If you really wanted him to improve you’d read it and give comments instead of “omg but i’m noob i don’t know anything ^^;;;”.

        Are you just white knighting the guy because it makes you feel better about yourself?

  3. One of the shittiest reviews I’ve ever had the misfortune of stumbling across.
    Basically you take someone else’s work and shit all over it. And the video at the end… what the hell was that? You went out of your way to be a prick. You laughing is not a review, it’s infantile behaviour.
    Looked at some of the other reviews, and some of the things you wrote look very familiar. I recognise it from the LemmaSoft forums.

      • Hey there.
        So you were reading the “discussion” we are having here. :-p

        Anyway, try to be a little soft on all the noobies; for most of them, it’s there first “creative” experiment and being kicked around doesn’t make them feel good.
        It’s like teaching kids; you just can’t be too hard on them or you might scar them for life.


        PS: I hate captcha :-p

  4. You people make me sick. Literally physically ill.

    Rant time, jerkbags. Hate me if you want.

    You know, he’s had not-nice things to say about a couple of mine. Honestly, I had a lot of it coming, and more recent efforts are better as a result. He panned one of the more popular games in the neighborhood, as did a number of other critics, so I can’t say he’s being particularly unbalanced about any of it. I don’t always like or agree with what he has to say, but he does have the right to say it.

    As for the piece in question, unlike some of the people that have commented here, I did download and read it. Mostly in the blind hope that I might find something with which to suggest improvement. Beyond the Zombie Apocalypse angle, there is literally nothing to suggest this game. There was one static piece of art for the entire game– For a game this short, that’s perhaps forgivable if you’re going to restrict to a singe location. Not only did he not do that, but the writing quality was rather poor.

    It didn’t help matters in the slightest. A little more study into the art of writing will make things better, and a look into how these games are put together, and what they’re like will give him the tools he needs to build a team that can get him the game designer title he wants so badly– not to mention the nice reviews he seems to crave.

    As for the people bitching about the review, read the damned game, if you can find a copy. Learn whereof you speak before you start talking. If you’re not willing to do that much, then go get a nice, steaming-hot mug of STFU. Tact be damned– He should be happy someone stopped long enough to not only bother reading it, but tell him what they thought. In it for the praise? GTFO. It’s not about the glory.

    It’s about making a thing that people will take time out of their lives to look at and be entertained. Bunch of you freaks didn’t bother to read it, but came here after he posted to LSF whining that he got hammered. Go back to your kawaii-posting board, and read some of the VNs that don’t tickle your stick from the pics that are posted. I bet you find at least one that’s total crap, and several more that read a lot better than you thought.


  5. For those of us that actually played it we know that this review is spot on. And by the way its a review, not a critique, though it works as one too.

    I swear a good chunk of you on the Lemma Soft forums are coddling each other, and its stunting the development of a lot of your users. It doesn’t matter if its just a hobby for you or not. Just taking some of the negative reviews and improving your games will make you better in the long run. And everything is always a lot more fun when your actually good at it.

    I don’t feel sympathy for anyone that deletes their game and stops making them for one review. No sympathy. And its disgusting just how many people actually joined in his pity party.

    • I just wish they’d stop lying to each other. g4|\/|3 s|_|><0r? Just freaking say so. Don't praise if they don't have it coming. Try if you can, but don't coat it in sugar. You'll just attract the vermin.

  6. I love everything about this. I love that someone published something of this caliber expecting anything but negative feedback, I love that he discovered this thread and achieved ultimate anus devastation, I love that he went to LSF to whine and moan about it, I love that LSF responded by comforting him and reassuring him that his work had actual merit and that any criticism was due to fault on the part of the reviewer, and I love that LSF came to this blog to attack the writer of this review.

    To me, this is the internet working to perfect. Reading the comments on this page has brought me immense amusement.

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