Umineko Converter v1.4.4

Support for the 07th Inquisition Spanish translation patch has been added. Make sure the translation patch is located in a subfolder named "[07th Inq] Umineko Esp". A message with the detected game language (Spanish, English, Russian) is printed early during the conversion (check it to make sure your patch is being picked up correctly).

* 2012/06/30 — v1.4.4
– Added support for the 07th Inquisition Spanish translation patch

21 thoughts on “Umineko Converter v1.4.4

  1. after playing episode 1, i noticed there’s a bug but i don’t know if its caused by the converter, because on my pc i can read everything ok, but on the tablet, there’s a part where it just jumps to almost half away of episode 2 so it completely skips episode 1.
    what could be the cause of this?

  2. after looking up on the scripts, i found this on the script “umi1-10.2.src”

    if rroff != 1 (what does this means)
    jump umi2-15.2.scr ll-1 (this is why it jumps to episode 2, but i don’t know why is there)
    bgload blood_1a.jpg
    sound tslsm.ogg
    text …He visto esta clase de escena barata con demasiada frecuencia.
    if rroff == 1
    jump umi2-15.2.scr ll-1 (again, i don’t know why the jump)

    should i just open the file and delete those lines?

  3. Hello, I am trying to convert Umineko for the DS but everytime I run it, I only get empty folders and no zips after the conversion is completed. This has happened to me without the UmiTweak PS3 tweaks and without any PS3 tweaks.

    The converter is Umineko Converter v1.4.5 which I grabbed from the forums. Is that the reason why it may be coming up empty or is there possibly another reason?

    Thank you!

    • Empty folders usually indicate some type of error earlier during the conversion. There should be some mention of an exception in the log.

      • Hi, here is my log that I saved from the most recent time I tried to convert Umineko.

        Extracting data from game archive, this may take a long time (> 15 min)
        Extracting F:\—-Umineko4\arc.nsa
        Extracting F:\—-Umineko4\arc1.nsa
        Extracting F:\—-Umineko4\arc2.nsa
        Game language detected: English
        Patch folder: F:\—-Umineko4\[WH] Umineko English
        Extracting F:\—-Umineko4\[WH] Umineko English\arc.nsa
        Extracting F:\—-Umineko4\[WH] Umineko English\arc1.nsa
        Extracting F:\—-Umineko4\[WH] Umineko English\arc2.nsa
        Extracting F:\—-Umineko4\[WH] Umineko English\arc3.nsa
        Extracting F:\—-Umineko4\[WH] Umineko English\arc4.nsa
        Converting backgrounds…

        Processing (3393/3393)

        Converting sprites…

        Processing (4485/4485)

        Converting SFX…

        Processing (129/129)

        Converting Voice…

        Processing (51077/51077)
        Extracting Movie Audio…
        Processing (1/1)
        Converting Music…

        Processing (112/112)
        Creating zoomed-in versions of images with text
        Determining game ID… SJIS
        at java.lang.StringCoding.decode(Unknown Source)
        at java.lang.String.(Unknown Source)
        at nl.weeaboo.umineko.SourceReader$Encoding.encode(
        at nl.weeaboo.umineko.SourceReader.getLine(
        at nl.weeaboo.umineko.SourceReader.peek(
        at nl.weeaboo.umineko.SourceReader.hasNext(
        at nl.weeaboo.umineko.UminekoConverter.convertScript(
        at nl.weeaboo.umineko.UminekoConverter.main(
        at nl.weeaboo.umineko.ConversionGUI.callScriptConverter(
        at nl.weeaboo.vnds.AbstractConversionGUI.convert(
        at nl.weeaboo.umineko.ConversionGUI.convert(
        at nl.weeaboo.vnds.AbstractConversionGUI.convert(
        at Source)
        Compiling final distribution… F:\shed\games\Umineko\DS\v3\_generated\resused.txt (The system cannot find the file specified)
        at Method)
        at Source)
        at nl.weeaboo.umineko.UminekoPacker.pack(
        at nl.weeaboo.umineko.UminekoPacker.main(
        at nl.weeaboo.umineko.ConversionGUI.callPacker(
        at nl.weeaboo.vnds.AbstractConversionGUI.convert(
        at nl.weeaboo.umineko.ConversionGUI.convert(
        at nl.weeaboo.vnds.AbstractConversionGUI.convert(
        at Source)
        15h:01m Entire conversion finished

        Thanks again

  4. Hello, I would like to inquire whether you have any plans – or if not, whether it would be possible – to implement the support for Umineko Tweak. It’s a bit similar to the situation of Higurashi with all those PS2 sprites and whatnot.

    Here’s the link:
    Chapters 1-4 are done, and chapters 5-8 are in the making (or so it would seem).

    It’s a tad more complicated as there’s no swapping of files, and the tweak has its own directory – hence the converter won’t pick it up during the process.

    • >2012/04/29 — v1.4.3
      >- Added (limited) support for UmiTweak patch
      It should be picked up unless you’ve renamed the UmiTweak subfolder to something non-standard.

      • Well, talk about oblivious. It never occured to me to check the entire changelog… sorry about that and thanks for the answer.

        • That would be lovely. In fact, on the off chance the current version of the patch picks up 5-8 as well I’m already downloading it… but given how there are interactive elements in the last chapter – and how the mechanics of the patch are notably changed – I don’t think there’s much chance it will work out fine.

  5. Hello,
    Thank you for creating a wonderful tool. I am playing Question Arcs on my Note 2. Just want to ask a question. How can I access Tip Modes and Grimoire? Thanks!

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