NVList v2.8

The Android port is finally here. It’s now possible to create an Android version of your NVList VN with a flick of the wrist and a press of a button. The new Android Build Config sub-screen guides you through the process, warning about missing/incorrect properties. Full documentation can be found here.

One thing to keep in mind when creating an Android port is that on Android, the engine controls the position and size of the main textbox. This is to allow your readers greater control over text size, etc. Since the system overrides some of your settings, it’s usually best to disable textbox customization on Android. A global boolean android is set when running on Android, so to use a custom textbox (but not on Android):

if not android then
    customTextBox(TextMode.ADV, {
        textBounds={190, 528+16, 900, 128},
        textBackgroundExtra={x=128, y=528},


2012/08/26 — 2.8 (r34) enhancements: – Added the Android port for NVList, see chapter 4.4 in the manual. – Added a warning message when running on OpenGL version < 1.3 - Renamed resource optimizer result from "_optimized" to "res-optimized". Optimized resources are now automatically used by Build.jar, with detection if they're outdated and a suggestion to run the optimizer when useful. - Resource optimizer now defaults to the "size" preset and adds 1280x720, 1024x576 target resolutions. - Added a utility function for creating filmstrip animations (Anim.createFilmstrip). See image/animation tutorial for example code. bugfixes: - Fixed an error on OpenGL 1.1 cards: GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE doesn't exist. - Error in videoclip conversion to mp4 for some versions of FFmpeg (unknown encoder libfaac). - Project creation dialog's progress bar now actually works... - Resource optimizer didn't pad with edge pixels properly for subimages.[/changelog]

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