OELVN related crap that pisses me off (part 2)

Part 1 can be found here.


BxG/GxB Bonanza

Not everything needs to be a romance. If you’re tagging a VN where romance isn’t the primary appeal with BxG, GxB, etc. — stop it, you stupid idiot.

Bloated download sizes

Specifically downloads that are only large because the creator fucked up. Uncompressed .wav audio, 40MB PSD files accidentally included, etc. I don’t think stock background music needs to be included at the full 320kb/s either…

Terrible dating sims

Stop it, you’re not talented enough. Making a good sim game is really hard and requires lots of events/minigames to break up the monotonous soul-evaporatingly boring stat grinding. Stat grinding by itself is not fun, there needs to be a goal, there needs to be strategy.

No continue indicator

There needs to be some kind of visual indicator to show when the text has fully appeared.

Bad advice

"Keep your images under 1024 pixels" — why? It’s also strangely common to see people talking about DPI. Protip: DPI DOES FUCKING NOTHING — it’s a hint for the default print size, that’s it.

Kevin MacLeod

Please, no more. Have mercy. Contrary to popular belief, there are other sources of creative commons music.

Shitty flash engines

Especially the ones lacking save and keyboard support. What kind of lunatic makes a visual novel where only mouse clicks on the text box continue the text.

"Visual novel game"

Visual novel or game, pick one. Don’t propagate the erroneous belief that visual novels should/will contain gameplay.

Boring dissolves/transitions

Ren’Py has an ImageDissolve function y’know. It adds variety — use it.


Not reading translated VNs

This is disturbingly common.

12 thoughts on “OELVN related crap that pisses me off (part 2)

  1. OK. while I mostly agreed with you I have one (again) I disagree with there:

    BXG/GXB BONANZA: I think it is more for clarification as most translated games are (naturally) aimed at guys and even those not centered on “romance” have it. (For example, Sengoku Rance has no actual “romance” but it most certainly has… something. Swan Song is not a romance story, but has romantic aspects to it in some ways. But Fate/Stay Night is NOT a romance game, though it is credited as such in VNDB tags and elsewhere. Not that it really means anything, but I think you get my drift.)
    I think it may have come with the huge otome game origins for EVNs, and they needed something to differentiate games with a male main character with female love interests.
    The genders of the main character and their route paths are really all that is being indicated because, unlike translated VNs, there are both “traditional” and otome games available in English so there is a distinction that needs to be made.

    Though it COULD be made in a better way, you are correct, and I don’t necessarily think you are wrong. I just don’t agree with you 100%

    But I agree completely with SHITTY FLASH ENGINES and NOT READING TRANSLATED VNS. At least read the freeware translated ones guys…

    As for NO CONTINUE INDICATOR, maybe this should be a default thing in engines? Some people may just be too lazy to add one in, but I agree it is a huge benefit to the reader.

  2. KEVIN MACLEOD – I’m using Kevin McLeod in my will-never-be-completed-game where it fits. I have some other sources, and I know tens of others. Most of sources though, don’t offer anything fitting. It would be nice if you made an article about CC music, so I might find something new… And maybe those VN creators as well!

    Or you could just reply to this comment with some links.

    PS. By game I mean game, with gameplay and even more gameplay!

  3. The way I understand CC-ND, you are able to use the song track, (as background music for example) but you can’t cut it or alter it to fit your work(like editing it so it’s easy to loop). I could be wrong but this is how I choose to interpret it.

    • Unfortunately CC-ND means you pretty much can’t do shit. The way the license is written, using it as background music is considered a derived work.

  4. Just like the 800×600 thing in your first post, I fully agree on the uncompressed media formats, though in my experience, Japan is much worse in this regard. In particular, a Japanese VN that was released just THIS YEAR used BMP for the CGs. Even more ridiculous is that the very same VN used PNG for the background images, character sprites, and user interface.

  5. You forgot one thing.


    Readers complain A LOT without realizing most of these vns are available for free.
    Most devs spent precious time of their lives making their vns available for free, and these cyber-bums have nothing to do but complain, complain, complain complain on every fucking little thing. What do you expect? An all original music score, a XXXX screen resolution and a 3D Engine? Then purchase commercial vns produced by big companies, not by individuals probably younger than you.

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