Ever17/Never7 Converter Update

There was a serious bug in the Ever17 converter that prevented entering the Sora route through normal means (you could still skip to it through the debug menu, but that forces you into a bad end). I also integrated the voice clip conversion instead of requiring a separate program to extract them.

Ever 17

2012/10/06 — v1.1.0
 – Voice data no longer requires external KTG tool to convert
 – Sora route was inaccessible through normal means due to a bug.

Never 7 uses an earlier version of the same engine, but the bug only affected one minor branch when talking to Saki at the pool.

Never 7

* 2012/10/06 — v1.0.1
 – Wrong branch was taken during Saki conversation at pool.

19 thoughts on “Ever17/Never7 Converter Update

  1. Hey anonl,

    Tried the Ever17 update and it works great for me. However, now I seem to be having the same trouble with Coco’s route. Completed all the other four but she is not unlocking. Problem with clear flags maybe? Also, are the epilogues for the two main characters included with the VNDS patch?

  2. Thank you for the converter :)
    However, it is the first time I play Never7 and it seems that the game is reacting as it is not the first time I play (for the Yuka’s route, Yuka did not appear during the Courage Test, some choices which have normally to appear when you finished some endings appear etc). Is it normal? Could you please advice on this matter? Thanks a lot in advance for your reply.

    • It’s easy for minor differences like that to slip through due to the way the scripts are ported. I’m not aware of any major glitches in the current build.

      • I am currently playing through never 7 on android and am having similar problems with only izumi appearing during the courage test and options available that shouldn’t be on my first play through. I also can only go down the izumi path regardless of the choices I select throughout the vn. Thankfully I could read the other ends using debug. Just wanted to give you a heads up. Thanks for all the fantastic work. I never would have read some of these any other way, and being able to do so on a kindle has been wonderful.

  3. Thanks for the converter!! But I’m confused about something…
    I want to play this on android, but I’ve read everywhere that you can’t get the true ending, and that you must use the debug (which I’m not sure what is it and how it works…)
    Is that true, or was it fixed? Can I get all the endings playing normally?


    • Ever 17 should be fixed as of v1.1.0 (the current version).

      The debug mode is something that’s inside the converted VNDS version (you access it from the title screen). It lets you instantly jump to almost anywhere in the story.

  4. Hello, thanks a lot for your work!
    I’ve used your Converter to play Ever17 on my xperia and works perfect.
    My bf has a Nexus 7 tablet (android, 1920×1200), will it work on it? I can’t seem to find that resolution in the converter. Will it work if I choose a resolution that doesn’t matches?

    Thanks a lot!

  5. Hi. First of all, great work!
    I’ve used your E17 converter multiple times, with no problems.
    Some weeks ago, I got the latest converter (1.1.2) from your download page, and made the conversion for a friend (successfully).
    Now, I lost everything on my phone, so I had to convert it again for my android. The problem is I’m getting errors from nowhere, when there were none weeks ago.
    I tried several times, I even asked a friend to do it for me but he is getting message errors too.
    I took some screenshots of it:

    I’m using the same converter, the same E17 installation folder… no idea what’s going on. What am I doing wrong??

    • Those warnings are normal, the converter doesn’t perfectly understand the script format. They shouldn’t cause any problems — feel free to ignore them.

    • Depends on how the patch is coded. It probably replaces the English text in the script files with a translated version. If so, the converter might just work and produce a Spanish VNDS port.

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