NVList v2.9

Relatively minor changes this time, but one change with a large impact. I’ve made it easier to replace the built-in special screens (choice, save, load, textLog) with versions of your own. This was already possible, but required overriding the default implementations of some built-in functions and writing your own screens from scratch. There’s a new example script gui/06-custom-screens.lvn showing off how to replace the default choice screen with a slightly fancier version.

2012/10/19 — 2.9 (r35)

– Added screens.lua to default res folder in order to make it more
  straightforward to edit the save/load/choice/textlog screens. See also the
  custom special screens demo.
– Upgraded JOGL library to version 2.0-rc10
– Added optional size argument to ImageFx.composite to explicitly set the size
  of the output texture.
– ImageFx.applyColorMatrix now accepts 4×5 matrices instead of just 4×4.
– More helpful error message when trying to run NVList on a non-existent or
  otherwise unreadable folder.
– Added 1024×600 by default when running the resource optimizer for Android.

– AndroidProjectCompiler didn’t set XAPK size property correctly.
– Fixed SequentialAnimator to call update on the same frame as start like all
  other Animators.
– [Android] Use of embedded fonts was broken.
– Fixed a bug in GridLayout when using more than one row and the cells need to
  be centered horizontally.

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