OELVN Recommendation Chart v1

Look, I made a thing.

The interactive version contains links to the homepage and VNDB entry for each VN. Clicking on the screenshot displays the full size version.

I’ve seen quite a few ‘regular’ visual novel recommendation charts over the years, but never one specifically featuring English-language visual novels. I guess there probably aren’t too many people who’ve read a significant enough number of OELVN to make such a chart. Of course I haven’t read everything either and that’s a disadvantage of making a chart based on the opinions of a single person — what I haven’t read isn’t on there.

I’ll be updating the chart periodically to make small improvements/fixes and, when necessary, to swap out some of the VNs. I’m interested in hearing suggestions for other visual novels I should read or consider putting on the next version. Please don’t recommend (dating) sims or RPGs with visual novel parts unless the VN parts outweigh the gameplay parts.

9 thoughts on “OELVN Recommendation Chart v1

    • Probably after nanoreno. I’d add Magical Diary to “notable” if weren’t a sim game, haven’t read anything else lately that’d qualify.

          • Nothing out of NaNoRenO was better than just ok. The Royal Trap gets added to notable. I’ll update the chart when I find the time.

          • Otome game, huh…
            So you didn’t like Knifepoint Horror – Segments I & II (haven’t read that one yet and the IIIrd one is out BTW) and Dysfunctional Systems Ep 1 (just started reading) that much or just want to get the whole story before deciding on your opinion?

            Also what about Doppelganger? You wrote that it’s entertaining so maybe it still deserves to be in “notable”?

          • Knifepoint Horror is still work in progress and what I’ve read isn’t good enough to immediately put it on there. Dysfunctional Systems is too early to call. I also try to not have multiple projects by the same groups/people (for the sake of diversity) and I liked Juniper’s Knot more.

            Doppelganger is mostly entertaining in a “so bad it’s good” kind of way and I’d be hesitant to recommend it to other people. I primarily use the “notable” slot to put in popular VNs I don’t personally like, or VNs by well-known developers that fall just below the ‘recommended’ level. I guess Doppelganger could fall into the second group, but I feel its appeal is a little too niche.

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