[review] Summer Day

Summer Day
Summer Day screenshot
genre yaoi
creator Kazuny
summary Date Masamune likes to take it up the butt.


R-16, remember this

Curiosity is a cruel mistress. When I saw there was a Sengoku Basara yaoi VN I just had to read it. At least it’s only R-16, so it can’t be that bad, right? …right? The whole thing being in French certainly didn’t make it easier to read, but it did give it an unexpected flair of sophistication. My lousy French also insulated me somewhat from the full effect of reading a yaoi VN.

First let’s get some technical details out of the way. Nearly all text is in French aside from the credits and the occasional gratuitous English uttered by Masamune. The VN fucks with the reader, the text speed preference only affects some lines and rollback is completely disabled. There are a lot of choices, but most just immediately lead to a short bad end.

The VN romantically pairs up Date Masamune and his loyal retainer Kojuro. In Sengoku Basara, Masamune and his clan act like a biker gang to the point where his horse dressed as a motor bike. In Summer Day Masamune acts like a spoiled child and purrs like a kitten, complete with :3-mouth and a purring sound effect which makes my skin crawl every time I hear it.

It starts off innocent enough with sweat wiping and massages, but then it goes a little further…

I have an idea where this is going, but it’s not R-16…

Oh crap, I don’t like where this is going…

Engage emergency censoring

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but that doesn’t seem very R-16 to me. I expected partial nudity and lots of one-eyed dragon puns (a reference to Masamune’s nickname), but apparently these days you can do pretty much anything as long as you don’t display dong. Also, one bad end leaves Masamune rather butthurt if you know what I mean.

If you like gay porn of reworkings of reworkings of historical characters, this is the VN for you.


The buttrape is set to the smooth tunes of the Ragnarok Online OST with a nice track from Pok√©mon for the ending credits. Following the trend of things entirely out of place in a porn game: gratuitous misuse of sound effects from Phoenix Wright. There’s nothing quite like hearing realization.wav when Masamune figures out a trick to seduce Kojuro into performing lewd acts on him.

Artwork is about what you’d expect. Two characters (one side-image only, one with a one-pose sprite) with one background image and a couple event CG. The event CG don’t really have a background beyond some sparkles and texture paint.


It’s fucking yaoi, R-16 my (unviolated) ass.

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