NVList v3.1

I’ve received some reports of freezing/crashing on Linux/Mac with older versions of NVList. The included OpenGL bindings have been updated to the most recent version (JOGL 2.0-rc11) which should resolve the problems. Please let me know if you’re still having these kinds of errors with NVList 3.1.

The most prominent change in NVList 3.1 is the inclusion of a default splashscreen for the generated executable. It uses the same image as the splash screen for the installer, build-res/splash.png. Another nice addition is the script tab in the debug window. You can use it to directly jump to a script (equivalent to using call in the Lua tab) and also to view information about your script files like the total word count. I’ve cleaned up and restructured parts of the text rendering code as well. Right-to-left (and bidirectional) text should now work on both the desktop and Android versions of NVList.

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2012/12/08 — 3.1 (r86)

– Update to JOGL-2.0-RC11. Should help with errors on Mac, freezes on Linux.
– Added option to show a splashscreen during startup.
– Added a script tab to the debug window. It includes a script info button to
  display the line/word count for each of the scripts.
– Added Game.addLuaInitializer() which makes it easier to make an interface in
  Lua for complex Java code. Use registerJavaClass() for simple Java objects.
– Added pushStyle/popStyle to make it easier to temporarily change the style
  within a line of text, then later change it back to the earlier style.
– Support for using soft-hyphens in words to indicate potential intra-word
  hyphenation points.
– Support for setting the default text direction to right-to-left (vn.rtl)
– Basic support for bidirectional text in TextDrawable/Button.
– TextDrawable.setAnchor()/ButtonDrawable.setTextAnchor() have been replaced
  by setVerticalAlign(). Set the horizontal align with the default text style.
– Using more aggressive coordinate rounding in text display code to make the
  text appear sharper.
– Added an optional volatile parameter to screenshot/screen2image functions
  which, when true, creates a screenshot which stores its pixels only on the
  GPU. This improves performance, but the pixels may be lost at any time.
– View CG menu option now prints a warning when it does nothing and uses a
  fade-in/fade-out effect.
– Changed behavior of ‘stretch’ for GridLayout, will now only increase sizes.
  Added a ‘shrink’ property to allow shrinking of components.
– Setting the text anchor to 0 lets the text alignment depend on the default
  directionality of the containing line of text.
– Various small improvements to the manual.
– Choice buttons accidentally had their Z changed from -2000 to 0.
– Screenshots were taken in the wrong layer for layers containing sublayers.
– Buttons still appeared clickable in view CG mode.
– Notifications alignment was accidentally changed in v3.0
– Right-aligned text now behaves the same on the Android port.
– Incorrect decoding of Unicode code points outside the BMP in Lua.
– Lua functions didn’t show up in stack traces for Java exceptions for certain
  types of errors.
– colorTex() didn’t properly convert the given ARGB color to premultiplied form
– Clip rect calculation in BaseRenderer uses the rounded-to-int version.
  of the parent’s clip rect as base. Repeated rounding errors could stack up.
– Errorneously included some unarchived .java files in the engine distribution.
– Removed trailing ‘&’ in Linux launcher script, it causes the program not to
  run properly when using double-click -> run in terminal in some cases.
– Engine/project fields in Build.jar where clipped on Mac OS X.
– On some platforms, default textfield foreground is white, making the
  project/engine browse fields in Build.jar very hard to read.

→ NVList project page

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