NVList v3.2


The most prominent change in 3.2 is a large restructuring of the bundled tutorial scripts. I tried to group things more logically and order them by usefulness/difficulty. The newly added setExitFunction allows you to replace the default exit confirmation dialog.

I’ve also updated Cottage on the Moor (NVList example VN) to be compatible with NVList 3.0 and above.

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2013/01/09 — 3.2 (r94)

– Reduced latency when starting audio while another audio track is already
  playing by implementing a more fine-grained locking system.
– Reduced default fade-in/fade-out time when changing background music.
– Screenshot size for the save screen is now configurable through the
  vn.saveScreenshotWidth/vn.saveScreenshotHeight preferences.
– Added a chapter to the manual with the differences when running on Android.
– Large cleanup/restructuring of bundled tutorial scripts.
– Added setExitFunction() which allows you to override the default behavior
  of the exit confirmation dialog (whether activated by the window close
  button, exit menu item or the Lua exit function).

– Playing video in an upscaled window while an FBO is used for rendering caused
  the video to be clipped (only lower-left rect visible).
– Screen didn’t redraw when changing a textless TextDrawable.
– Improved error handling for the edit button in the build command panel.
– Image gallery script was broken.
– Anim.par() will no longer override its components’s loop attribute.
– Incorrect return value for yielding Lua functions invoked from a Java
  function (in practice, that means call/dofile).

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