[review] Jisei (full version)

Jisei screenshot
genre murder mystery
creator Sakevisual
summary Psychic boy investigates a murder in a coffee shop.

Many moons ago (disclaimer: not really that long ago), I played/reviewed the demo version of Jisei. Not terribly impressed, I never bothered with the full version… until someone gifted me a copy.

The biggest thing that stands out about Jisei (aside from the voice acting) is really just how short and limited it is. Everything takes places within the confines of a small coffee shop (think 3 backgrounds) and a full playthrough takes maybe an hour to complete.

For all the interrogating done by the nameless (still annoys me) main character, it never really goes anywhere. The case is solved by randomly finding physical evidence, it just takes MC a while to realize he already has the solution. For some bizarre reason, detective Gurski makes MC list the order in which people entered the coffee shop before allowing him to finger the murderer. This order being about as relevant as mime porn doesn’t seem to bother Gurski, but it’s not as if anything else he does in Jisei makes all that much sense.

Gameplay-wise, the constant trips between suspects and Gurski get really tedious after a while. Later in the game, you’re required to randomly use the examine room function (on previously examined rooms) and/or go to the men’s room in order to move the plot forward. The number of possible actions is so small you’re bound to randomly find the correct one, but there ought to be some sort of hint if the plot continuation trigger is illogical like that.

In the end, Jisei is a story about some bland kid with magical powers who solves a closed-room murder after being implausibly shoved into the role of detective. He uses his powers at one point, but doesn’t learn anything not easily deduced through other means. The gameplay parts add very little to the experience. Jisei seems closer to a NaNoRenO release with tacked on voice acting than a commercial release.

Next up: Kansei

4 thoughts on “[review] Jisei (full version)

  1. >Mime Porn
    Oh man, anonl your reviews are the best.
    Despite how much people want to sing praises to this VN. I agree completely with what you said.

  2. Jisei was a disappointment; it’s not much more than a prologue that introduces the characters and setting for Kansei. (On the other hand, I enjoyed Kansei very much and am looking forward to reading your thoughts.)

    I must commend the entire series for the voice acting, however. They’re the only OELVNs I’ve played where the voice acting actually added to the experience, rather than falling somewhere between pointless and unbearable.

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