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Downloads available via NVList project page
Cottage on the Moor
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VNDS Interpreter (Android)
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VNDS Interpreter (Free)
VNDS Interpreter (Paid)
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VNDSx 1.4.9 Source Code
Never 7 VNDS
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Never 7 Converter 1.1.2 (Win32)
Never 7 Converter 1.1.1 (Win32)
Never 7 Converter 1.1.0 (Win32)
Never 7 Converter 1.0.1 (Win32)
Never 7 Converter 1.0.0 (Win32)
Sharnoth VNDS
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Sharnoth Converter 1.1.0 (Win32)
Sharnoth Converter 1.0.1 (Win32)
Sharnoth Converter 1.0.0 (Win32)
Inganock VNDS
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Inganock Converter 1.1.1 (Win32)
Inganock Converter 1.1.0 (Win32)
Inganock Converter 1.0.3 (Win32)
Inganock Converter 1.0.2 (Win32)
Inganock Converter 1.0.1 (Win32)
Cross Channel VNDS
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Cross Channel Converter 1.0.1 (Win32)
Cross Channel Converter 1.0.0 (Win32)
KiraKira VNDS
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KiraKira Converter 1.1.0 (Win32)
KiraKira Converter 1.0.2 (Win32)
KiraKira Converter 1.0.0 (Win32)
Higurashi VNDS
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Higurashi Converter 1.1.1 (Win32)
Higurashi Converter 1.0.2 (Win32)
Umineko VNDS
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Umineko Converter 1.5.1 (Win32)
Umineko Converter 1.5.0 (Win32)
Umineko Converter 1.4.6 (Win32)
Umineko Converter 1.4.4 (Win32)
Umineko Converter 1.4.3 (Win32)
Umineko Converter 1.4.2 (Win32)
Umineko Converter 1.3.2 (Win32)
Ever 17 VNDS
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Ever 17 Converter 1.1.2 (Win32)
Ever 17 Converter 1.1.1 (Win32)
Ever 17 Converter 1.1.0 (Win32)
Ever 17 Converter 1.0.2 (Win32)
Ever 17 Converter 1.0.1 (Win32)
Ever 17 Converter 1.0.0 (Win32)
Fate/Stay Night VNDS
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Fate/Stay Night Converter 1.2.5 (Win32)
Fate/Stay Night Converter 1.2.3 (Win32)
Fate/Stay Night Converter 1.2.2 (Win32)
Fate/Stay Night Converter 1.2.0 (Win32)
Danmaku Time
Danmaku Time
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Downloads available via Google code project page
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Downloads available via Google code project page
Touhou DS
Touhou DS
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Touhou DS v0.9 + Source

74 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. Thanks for the reply, I tried using the application but it keeps getting ‘cannot format text error’. I saw some of the reviews but I can’t find any old ver. of Clannad with translation

  2. If I have a save file going on Ever17 on my PC, will said save file also transfer into the android conversion when I make it? Thanks for making this cool app by the way, it’s a pain playing these on my computer, tablet/phone is much easier.

  3. Hey do you think that mayhaps you could add Katawa Shoujo to your list of VN some whenever?
    It would be really nice and I would appreciate it.

    Have a good day sir/madam.

    • Kamidori is a SRPG with the amount of gameplay exceeding that of visual novel elements proper. It’s impossible to convert it and keep the gameplay intact – which, given how that’s the larger part of this title, would be pretty much inane. And technically very difficult (if not impossible) to achieve.

      What you’re asking for is synonymous to asking for a PS3-to-PC converter for some PS exclusive. It’s a no-go, I’m afraid.

  4. Would it be possible to do a converter for the visual novel Tsukihime? I’m a big fan for type moon series

  5. Would you do Umineko no Naku Koro Ni Chiru?

    It would be nice if you do.

    Thanks for all that you’ve done..

  6. Would you do Umineko no Naku Koro Ni Chiru?

    It would be nice if you do (as you’ve done umineko).

    Thank you for all that you’ve done.

  7. I’d love to have a converter for: The Sagara Family, My Stepsister Hitomi, Idol’s Galore, Come See Me Tonight 2! To play on my phone.

  8. Hello, thanks for your hard work. I’d like to buy the full version of VNDS app on Google Play but it displays “error bm cch 18 – this seller is not able to accept payments at this time.”

    Is it just a problem for me? Let me know. Thanks!

  9. I got that same error when I tried to buy the app about a week ago. I tried again today, but now it says that my payment method was declined. I even tried to talk with google wallet and they told me that this was an issue with the developer.

  10. Hi there. I’m trying to convert fs/n to play on my Nexus, but the laptop I’m using to try to run the converter is 64 bit (is this why?), and it says that windows can’t open the file. I’d really appreciate any advice, thankyou!

  11. I have two questions:

    1. Do I need to have the english patch of FSN installed to be able to play it in English on my Android or does it do it by itself?

    2. I was looking at the converter while it was looking, and it seems to me that even if you specify a location for Realta Nua as it says, it doesn’t seem to even look at it when converting. What does it really do? And how do I make this Realta Nua thing work like it should?

    • 1. It needs to have the eng patch already applied and 2. I’m not sure about the Realta Nua PC version working on the android vnds.

  12. hi :) thanks for the wonderful vnds app. I could finally play pc versions of vn on my android xD…. hmm is there any chance of a Kamidori Alchemy Meister and ShiraOka: Second chances (sorry if i messed up the spelling lol) converter getting released? would love to get the chance to play these 2 awesome VNs on android. thanks ^^

  13. New to this. Will someone walk me through what to do plz? I’d like it to be on my 3DS, or my iPad, or my android if those won’t work

  14. When will we ever have an archive for all the preconverted files?

    The Google Drive folder is too outdated and I can’t play Kira Kira because it was too broken it’s too bothersome to download the original game

  15. Hey, I’m trying to play the fate/zero game… I downloaded both it’s mediafire file and the vnds file… What else do I have to do?

  16. Hi ! Well, i have a question. How can i play or convert VN like Grisaia no Kajitsu or Yosuga no Sora on my andriod device ?

    If you can give me a little introduction about the topic i will really thankful ;D

  17. Someone help me pls.
    I run Fate Stay Night and it’s always show me ”invalid jump: fate01-00.scr nil
    I need help

    • I’m having the same error. Some guys told that is because I choose the wrong game directory. But what is the right path and what file, where to download it? I downloaded my Fate Realta Nua from a Nyaa torrent and even then I’m having this error.

      I also need help.

  18. Even with the newest Ever17 convertor, 1.1.2, I cannot get on Coco’s route. Any suggestions what to do? The debug menu is my last resort because I want to experience the route fully.

  19. I’ve got a problem with the ever17 converter. I’m using the most recent version.
    I think what it’s doing is not actually converting any of the images or audio since the converter finishes in about half a second

  20. Can i request for a coverter for the VN that i really want to play on my Android? If not then can someone actually tell me how to make a converter on my own because i really want to playthose VNs on my phone. I hope i get a reply lel

  21. do you need first the game file..and then convert it with its specific converter..?
    i just want ..umineko ..but its data siza so big..will/can you upload an that it will be already playable..and no need to convert..

  22. i there’s something wrong with Kira Kira after downloading it and everything i open it and try to start it and it say’s: Invalid jump: main2.scr.nil

  23. Can someone please put the converter for If My Heart Had Wings because it is a really good game but the Android version sucks. Please !!!!.

  24. What’s the point of the converters for some of these VNs if they are already converted and the downloads are provided on the side bar of the github page?

  25. What’s the point of the converters for some of these VNs if they are already converted and the downloads are provided on the side bar of the github page?

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