OELVN Recommendation Chart v1

Look, I made a thing.

The interactive version contains links to the homepage and VNDB entry for each VN. Clicking on the screenshot displays the full size version.

I’ve seen quite a few ‘regular’ visual novel recommendation charts over the years, but never one specifically featuring English-language visual novels. I guess there probably aren’t too many people who’ve read a significant enough number of OELVN to make such a chart. Of course I haven’t read everything either and that’s a disadvantage of making a chart based on the opinions of a single person — what I haven’t read isn’t on there.

I’ll be updating the chart periodically to make small improvements/fixes and, when necessary, to swap out some of the VNs. I’m interested in hearing suggestions for other visual novels I should read or consider putting on the next version. Please don’t recommend (dating) sims or RPGs with visual novel parts unless the VN parts outweigh the gameplay parts.