Ever17/Never7 Converter Update

There was a serious bug in the Ever17 converter that prevented entering the Sora route through normal means (you could still skip to it through the debug menu, but that forces you into a bad end). I also integrated the voice clip conversion instead of requiring a separate program to extract them.

Ever 17

2012/10/06 — v1.1.0
 – Voice data no longer requires external KTG tool to convert
 – Sora route was inaccessible through normal means due to a bug.

Never 7 uses an earlier version of the same engine, but the bug only affected one minor branch when talking to Saki at the pool.

Never 7

* 2012/10/06 — v1.0.1
 – Wrong branch was taken during Saki conversation at pool.

Ever 17 VNDS Converter v1.0.0

Converts an installed copy of Ever 17 to a version playable with VNDS. If you encounter any bugs, please report them in the VNDS Forum.

I started working on this a loooong time ago, abandoned it, picked it up again, abandoned it again, and now I’ve finally finished (hooray). As usual, the source code is included for anyone interested.

* 2011/05/27 — v1.0.0
 – Initial release