[review] Area-X (demo)

Area-X screenshot
genre time travel, otome
creator Zeiva
summary Elcia is tasked with traveling back in time to find a way to fix the environmental problems of the future.

Area-X is the latest visual novel from the creator of X-Note. Despite the similarities in name, the two aren’t connected story-wise. Area-X is more of a spiritual sequel, stylistically similar but with an entirely new story. There’s an extended X-Note cameo in the beginning, but that’s about it.

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[review] World End Economica -1-

World End Economica -1-
World End Economica -1- screenshot
genre sci-fi, stock trading
creator Spicy Tails
summary A teenage boy runs away from home and tries to strike it rich through day trading.

By rare exception, not an EVN review this week, but rather a recently translated VN of Japanese origins. It’s a doujin release at least, so budget wise it should be comparable to the commercial EVNs is usually talk about. Oh, and apparently the author of Spice & Wolf wrote the script.

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[review] Senior Year (+ College Romance (+ Alta, Texas))

Senior Year
Senior Year screenshot
genre drama
creator NaweGR Games
summary 'You' are in your final year of college and now every woman you meet wants to fuck you.

When you look at the vndb page for Senior Year, you see an interesting release history — it has been re-released under a different name twice. The most recent version, Alta, Texas even jumped up from freeware to a $10 commercial release. I was intrigued by the prospect of a 2006 freeware VN being good enough (albeit with some added polish) to still hold up well enough to justify a non-free remake. I went back to the root and started with the 2006 original: Senior Year.

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[review] Jisei (full version)

Jisei screenshot
genre murder mystery
creator Sakevisual
summary Psychic boy investigates a murder in a coffee shop.

Many moons ago (disclaimer: not really that long ago), I played/reviewed the demo version of Jisei. Not terribly impressed, I never bothered with the full version… until someone gifted me a copy.

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